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Meet the Soldier but all animations are increased by %. pausing Overwatch - The world needs heroes, and Blizzard needs a TF2 game! . [QUOTE=Firecat; ]this new hud wtf it looks like they tried to be edgy and bland and i cant see half of this shit with my vision The Purge: Black Friday - Official Trailer. Features Illuminated LED Eyes - Light Switch is Built into the Robot Pyro's Gas . Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Monster Sightings, New Poster & Trailer #2. In March , Robin Walker revealed in an interview with the KritzKast Podcast that Meet the Pyro will let people see the world through the.

On an even darker note, "Hellfire" is a decidedly non-comedic Villain Song version of this. Home on the Range: Dancing cows, shifting colors, and Randy Quaid yodeling. Facilier which has a very trippy sequence during the "transformation central" portion. Olaf's song "In Summer" from Frozen is a low-key example, but it's done in a distinctly different style than the rest of the film, involves a lot of anachronisms e.

Like the dozens of candles that suddenly appear on the stairs there wasn't enough time for Gothel to have put them there ; the spotlight in a time before electricity Note that Mother Gothel is usually regarded NOT to be a witch which would be the only explanation for everything to be happening exactly as shown. Though for once, it actually plays a part in the plot: Moana is so enthralled by the surreal visuals Maui's song summons, she doesn't even notice when the song shifts from talking about how awesome Maui is to how he's totally going to steal her boat in a few seconds while she's distracted.

A keen eye can also interpret what's actually happened physically — just before the Acid Sequence kicks in, Maui throws a blanket over the camera, and the patterning on the blanket forms the background of the surreal visuals.

Maui threw a blanket over Moana and blindfolded her so he could get her distracted and steal her boat. The original has "On the Open Road" which includes a bunch of girls popping out of a piano, while it's played in the back of a pick up truck, and a corpse dancing on a hearse. Being a Goofy movie, of course, it's not impossible that this is actually happening, but it's still pretty trippy.

An Extremely Goofy Movie has the slightly disturbing "C'mon Get Happy" sequence, which seemingly suggests an 'experimental phase' when Goofy first went to college in the 70's.

The Brave Little Toaster: The song "Cutting Edge" a. Of course, this is a movie where every character is an inanimate object. We're not sure whether that makes it better or worse. Also, the Spy Update added the sentence "When Pyro hears about this she'll be inconsolable. In Julyafter years of fans telling Valve to finish the Meet the Team Series, Meet the Pyro was finally released showing not only the weapons of the Pyro, but also showing the mentality and understanding of the Pyro's psyche.

Compared to the other classes, the Pyro is the most insane.

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He sees everything as a magical fairy tale land, which Valve dubbed "Pyroland". In Pyroland, he sees enemy players as small, round, flying babies, and his acts of killing and maiming them to him is nothing more than playing with them; however, his mask might be the cause of the Pyroland illusions.

In front of the mask, it reads "Optical Mask". Optical illusions usually play tricks on your eyes and your mind, so the mask might play tricks on the Pyro's mind, thus causing Pyroland. This has been hinted by the Pyrovision goggles which were introduced after Meet the Pyro. Strategies Edit Use your Compression Blast to help your teammates and yourself.

Reflect rockets, grenades, and even stickies away; you can even reflect an enemy Spy from backstabbing or sapping. You can also reflect people off cliffs to ensure their deaths. However, careful when doing this to Scouts as they have their double jump! Maps such as Nucleus in King of the Hill and Upward in Payload have many cliffs and lethal drops, perfect for blasting airborne Scouts and other units down to their annihilation.

Attacking and retreating is often better than attacking until one of you is left standing. Afterburn is very helpful, ensuring you take a chunk out of that Demoman's or Soldier's health after your obliteration over time. Always ambush and cover weaker units at hand Medics, Engineers, Snipers scouts can help themselves Never charge head on, as the Pyro needs ambush tactics to survive.

It's much easier to wait for Heavies and Soldiers to come to you and run them over with your Flamethrower instead of hitting the deck as you run down a corridor to your imminent doom.

Switch to your Shotgun to hurt enemies that are not in Flamethrower range. Also, use the Shotgun to do light work out of other Pyros. Keep checking for Spies if you have nothing else to do or when traveling to the front line. A disguised Spy will burst into flames.

Disney Acid Sequence

He sits upright in his chair, in near panic. Fade back to the interview room, this time with the RED Spy. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty? There is the sound of the Pyro's breathing and a single white spot which zooms forward and splits into a binocular view. When these focus, it shows a psychedelic dreamscape. The Pyro's flame thrower appears in its hands as an unusually-shaped brass instrumentspraying a rainbow-coloured mist over ground, causing colourful flowers to spring from the lawn in front of him.

Within this dreamscape, BLU characters appear as chubby little cherubs and sound like babies. The two converge seemingly happily.

Disney Acid Sequence - TV Tropes

While the Pyro in the dreamscape shoves the lollipop in the Heavy's mouth, the scene cuts to the battle as he hits the Heavy with the Fire Axe. The Pyro blows bubbles in his face in its vision, but shoots the Scout point blank with the Scorch Shot in the battle, knocking him back. The BLU cherubs salute and celebrate the Pyro. Cut back to reality. He crawls over to the ankle of a nearby person. The sound of a Dispenser and then a teleporter being destroyed in the distance is heard.