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Stalin's army of rapists: The brutal war crime that Russia and Germany An American diplomat, Beria's bodyguard and the Russian actress. Amanda Helenschmidt, 29, Amber Saldana, 21, and Kimber Rucker, 21, sit in a row, coddling their newborns, who are ready to meet Daddy. American paratroopers in Normandy in June thought they had . 'The Russian is a tough opponent,' wrote a German soldier. . As Berliners awaited the arrival of the Red Army, people prepared to meet their conquerors in to the US and Canada in Fall - and they'll take their newborn along.

Arrange a marriage with a local man, who would take responsibility for the child Claim the father was unknown, dead, or had left, and bring up the child as a single mother Acknowledge the relationship; bring up the child as a single mother Acknowledge the relationship; accept welfare from the occupying force see the German Lebensborn Place the child in an orphanage or give the child up for adoption Emigrate to the occupying country and claim that identity Have an abortion After the war, it was common for both mother and child to suffer repercussions from the local population.

Such repercussions were widespread throughout Europe.

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While some women and children suffered torture and deportation, most acts against them fell into one or several of the following categories: German whore and German kid were common labels Isolation or harassment from the local community and at schools Loss of work Shaving the heads of the mothers frequently done in the immediate aftermath of the war in order to publicly identify and shame them Temporary placement in confinement or internment camps While repercussions were most widespread immediately after the war, sentiments against the women and their children lingered into the s, 60s, and beyond.

Mothers tended to hide such pregnancies for fear of revenge and reprisal by male family members. Lower estimates range in the hundreds of thousands, while upper estimates are much increased, into the millions. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message A Lebensborn birth house Lebensborn was one of several programs initiated by the Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler to try to secure the racial heredity of the Third Reich.

The program mainly served as a welfare institution for parents and children deemed racially valuable, initially, those of SS men. As German forces occupied nations in northern Europe, the organization expanded its program to provide care to suitable women and children, particularly in Norway, where the women were judged suitably Aryan. The organization ran several homes where pregnant women could give birth.

Facilities also served as permanent homes for eligible women until the end of the war. Additionally, the organization paid child support on behalf of the father, and covered other expenses, including medical bills, dental treatment and transportation.

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Of the estimated 10,—12, children born to Norwegian mothers and German fathers during the war, 8, were registered by Abteilung Lebensborn. In 4, of these cases, the father is known. The women were encouraged to give the children up for adoption, and many were transferred to Germany, where they were adopted or raised in orphanages. As a result of later recognition of their post-war mistreatment, the more diplomatic term krigsbarn war-children came into use and is now the generally accepted form.

The children and their mothers were often isolated socially, and many children were bullied by other children, and sometimes by adults, due to their origin.

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The same year the Ministry of Social Affairs briefly explored the possibility of reuniting the children and their mothers with surviving fathers in post-war Germany, but decided against this. Some children were left to state custody, during a time when such care was marked by strict rules, insufficient education, and abuse. Approximately 20 children ended up in a mental institution indue to lack of space in other institutions and unsuccessful adoption attempts.

Some remained there past their eighteenth birthdays. Another option was to send them to Sweden. Australia was also considered after the Swedish government declined to accept these people; the Norwegian government later shelved such proposals. As of such payments were made. Child support from fathers living in East Germany was kept in locked accounts until diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in Supporters claim the discrimination against them equated to an attempt at genocide.

In Decemberwar children filed a claim in the Norwegian courts for the failure of the state to protect them as Norwegian citizens. The case was to test the boundaries of the law; seven persons signed the claim.

The courts have ruled such suits as void due to the statute of limitations. The allied forces had effectively cut Germany in two.

Open sources That Soviet and American troops would meet in this general area was known, and signals had even been worked out between the allied leaders at Yalta to indicate to the troops on either side that they were friendly. But the actual meeting itself was decided by fate. The moment, which came to be known as the Meeting on the Elbe, portended the end of the war in Europe, which came less than two short weeks later, when the Red Army stormed Berlin.

Bill Robertson of the th Regiment of the 69th Infantry Division, driving on the morning of April 25 into the town of Torgau, knew that he might encounter Soviet troops, and knew he should greet them as friends and allies — Gen.

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Courtney Hodges, Commander of the First U. The first American soldiers to make contact were to fire a green-colored star shell — the Soviets, a red one. Robertson and the three men in his patrol decided the best way to show they were Americans was to present an American flag.

Alexander Sylvashko was skeptical at first that Robertson and his men were Americans. He thought the four men waving a colored sheet were Germans playing a trick on the Soviet troops. He fired a red star shell, but did not receive a green one in return. Sylvashko sent one of his soldiers, a man named Andreev, to meet Robertson, in the center of a bridge crossing the Elbe. They swore an oath, in memory of those who had not made it so far: Officers exchanged their service weapons.

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