Queen elizabeth 2 and prince philip meet

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip: Story behind royal wedding

queen elizabeth 2 and prince philip meet

PRINCE Philip and Queen Elizabeth have retained a strong union over the decades. But when did Prince Philip meet the Queen and when did. QUEEN Elizabeth II has been married to Prince Philip for nearly 71 years. They met again in at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten took place on 20 November at Princess Elizabeth met Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in , at the wedding of Philip's cousin Princess . As World War II had ended a mere two years earlier and certain things were still subject to rationing, some of.

queen elizabeth 2 and prince philip meet

AFP Elizabeth fell in love with Philip, a distant second cousin, when she was 13, in The Royal Family were touring the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth, and the young Elizabeth was escorted by a dashing young officer, year-old blonde naval cadet Philip, from Greece.

They were both great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, so they had commonalities. So ensconced by this dashing European, Elizabeth began writing him letters. But, there was a problem.

Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten

Australia's wedding gift to Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. Two finely engraved dessert dishes and two silver salvers, each decorated with an Australian wattle blossom motif. On right is a Coronet from Queen Mary, who also gave the earrings seen in picture.

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Philip spent just a year in Greece before his family were expelled. He grew up in boarding schools while his father left to live with a mistress in France.

queen elizabeth 2 and prince philip meet

His mother suffered a mental illness and eventually, moved to Athens and established a Greek Orthodox nunnery. His family became too fractured to piece back together. A laughing stock, to some.

queen elizabeth 2 and prince philip meet

Philip continued to respond. Sometimes they were able to meet, when Philip was in London. He courted the Princess, slowly but surely.

queen elizabeth 2 and prince philip meet

At the end of the war, he brought home POWs prisoners of war — arriving back in Portsmouth in They took deliberate steps to maintain privacy. They did not flirt.

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But Philip was a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace, blazing through the side entrance in a black MG. Later that year, Elizabeth invited Philip to Balmoral for three weeks — it was here that he would secretly propose. None of the Royal Family's German relations, nor Philip's sisters, who married Germans, were invited to the historic occasion, in keeping with the public's strong anti-German feeling in the wake of war. Princess Elizabeth did her own make-up on the morning of her wedding.

Her wedding dress was designed by couturier Sir Norman Hartnell and featured a fitted bodice, a heart-shaped neckline with scalloped edge and an intricate 13ft star-patterned train. The gown featured the rose of York and was hand-embroidered with more than 10, seed pearls and crystals.

The Queen and Prince Philip celebrate 70 years of marriage — but it wasn’t easy

The Princess was given extra clothing coupons from the Government towards her wedding trousseau as was the custom for all brides during the time of rationing after the Second World War. Women across the UK, keen to ensure Princess Elizabeth would have the dress of her dreams, sent their own coupons to the young royal to help out. But it was illegal to give coupons away and the gifts had to be returned. Sir Norman Hartnell once recalled how rumours circulated that the silkworms used for the gown were of Italian or Japanese origin and therefore provided by "enemy" territories.

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But they were provided by the Scottish firm of Winterthur in Dunfermline and came from Chinese silkworms at Lullingstone Castle. The bridal veil was made of tulle and held in place by the Queen Mary Fringe tiara - made for Elizabeth's grandmother Queen Mary in using diamonds from jewellery belonging to Queen Victoria. The tiara snapped just before the Princess was due to leave for the ceremony and had to be repaired by the court jeweller. The bride left Buckingham Palace for the Abbey at The bridal bouquet of white orchids contained a sprig of myrtle from the bush grown from the original myrtle in Queen Victoria's wedding bouquet.

The grave of the Unknown Warrior was the only stone that was not covered by the special carpet in Westminster Abbey.