Natsu and zeref meet

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natsu and zeref meet

Natsu's Father Characteristics Race Human Gender Male Personal Status Status Deceased Relatives Natsu's Mother (Wife; Deceased) Zeref Dragneel (Son;. Actually he doesn't put her in the Lumen Historie, the second guild master does in order to preserve her body and trying to resurrect her. Zeref literally dumps her . It tackles the fight between Natsu and Zeref as well as the one between Natsu is and she will most likely meet her former lover and her son.

The copies created in the process are no illusions and are even used to attack enemies at lightning speed.

It directs all the future of her weapon towards the enemy sending hundreds of extremely tough orbs to hit the enemy all at once with immeasurable force! Infinite Sphere This spell starts by hitting her opponent in any part of the body with one orb then it reproduces to commence an attack that is almost impossible to dodge.

Second Origin Release Ultear was able to unlock this new ability after seven years of training which gave him a massive boost in Magical power. Telekinesis Ultear usually uses this magic to control his weaponized orb.

She stays on a safe distance and simply controls the orb to either attack or defend. Possession Magic This magic was the one that corrupted the mind of Jellal Fernandes and convinced him that he was Zeref. Transformation Natsu Dragneel first met Ultear disguised as a masked man named Zalty. Thought Projection This magic is a requirement among Magic Council members. It allows the use to create images of himself in a distant place without leaving his current location. Superior Strength Despite being a woman, Ultear can easily out-power strong male mages like Gray Fullbuster.

This was even the main reason why Ur, her mother, left Ultear to a Magic Research Laboratory because her excessive magic power brought upon negative effects to her body. Laxus Dreyar mocking other Fairy Tail members.

Source Laxus Dreyar capturing Lucy. Source Laxus Dreyar saving Natsu team from Hades. Source Laxus Dreyar defeated by Hades. Source Laxus Dreyar full body photo. Source Laxus Dreyar is the grandson of Makarov Dreyar. This magic does not only allow him to generate lighting from his body but also make it appear from almost anywhere to strike enemies in an instant and catch them off-guard.

This magic also made him immune against lightning attacks. He can also restore his magic power by simply eating electricity. This magic allows him to create a Thought Projection of himself. This image is immune to any attack and is closely related to having an ethereal body. Organic Link Magic This magic is more like a counter-attack strategy. It will redirect an attack straight back to its source but in a form of lightning.

It uses immense light magic power to eliminating anything or anyone within its range who is considered an enemy by the caster. Master Hand to Hand Combatant There have been many occasions in the anime series where Laxus proved his prowess in hand to hand combat.

He managed to ward off the combined attacks of Gajeel and Natsu with ease.

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Like Natsu, Laxus can also create lightning orbs in his arms and legs to boost the speed and power of his physical offense. During the fight, he even mocked Mystogan for using weak and ineffective spells against him.

Unbelievable Durability It will take more than the attack combination of Natsu and Gajeel to bring down Laxus. His resilience is outstanding even for a Dragon Slayer. Hades was also surprised to see him survive after going all out on his Dark Magic.

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Laxus is definitely not just behemoth offensively but also one of the best when it comes to defense. Boosted Strength Even without lightning magic, Laxus can easily overpower a physically gifted opponent like Natsu and Gajeel. Can endure even the most horrifying Physical and Magical Damage Laxus can withstand even the toughest physical challenge.

He was able to stand up against two strong Dragon Slayers and even fought with S-Class Mages being extremely weakened afterwards. In his battle against Hades, he gave up all his magic power to Natsu yet he was able to stand by his own afterwards.

Extremely High Reflexes Laxus is in a much higher level than most Fairy Tail members when it comes to speed and agility.

natsu and zeref meet

This is clearly observed when he effortlessly evaded all the fast combination attacks of Natsu and Gajeel. Makarov Dreyar's weird facial expression. Source Makarov Dreyar pumped up for battle.

natsu and zeref meet

Source Makarov Dreyar trying to stop Acnologia. Source Makarov Dreyar is a very short man with exceptional magic power.

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The enlarging power is absurd as it can make Makarov almost bigger than an island. Another interesting fact about this magic is that it can be transferred to another person. Although the complete Titan form of Makarov is much slender compared to the usual, it grants him with excessive amount of power and causes his mustache to be wilder and point upwards.

Light will also be emitted from his eyes which may be brought upon by his light magic. The second scenario will usually be met along with the first, usually, however, the second scenario, is when someone has single-mindedly decided that they will try to hurt, destroy, or kill that which is close to you. If either of these two scenarios is met, you may draw this blade and strike them down, however, know that once a life has been taken, it… can't be undone, for this reason, use this blade only when you are sure that there is no other option.

Natsu gazed at the blade in reverence for a moment, before looking up at Zeref's expectant gaze. Zeref smiled at this, before walking away from Natsu. Zeref continued walking, but Natsu knew he had heard him.

I believe that if you find the guild named Fairy Tail, you will be able to make lots of friends. After walking for what felt like ages to Natsu, but was really only an hour, Natsu picked up on a scent. As he neared the scent though, Natsu smelt two new scents.

Natsu found it slightly odd that one scent would be so far removed from, what Natsu was guessing, were possible friends or family, but a sharp, shrill scream of fear, caused Natsu to rush towards the first scent he picked up on. The two men were harassing a little girl, holding a small basket of various fruits. The basket itself was worn, as was the clothing worn by the girl. Her frightened hazel eyes darted around her anxiously.

The dark haired girl merely looked on in fear at the confrontation, as the boy grasped the sword he had crudely fastened to his waist with some vines. The blade that his brother once wielded. Do you need food or money so desperately that you would bully a little child?

Try to intimidate and steal from innocent people. Have no remorse for human life… yes, if that is the case, then I will draw this sword. I would not draw this if you were merely poor, but you two, are too far gone at this stage.

The now one armed bandit only had a moment to cry out in agony, before his head dropped from his shoulders. The remaining bandit looked at Natsu in fear, before roughly grabbing the girl near him and holding the axe near her face. You are even more irredeemable than I thought, Macro. The bandit dropped the frightened girl who froze, unsure whether to run away or stay.

True the bandits were scary, but this boy was just as scary, to kill someone so easily and somehow control another person was frightening. As the bandit walked towards his fellow bandit, Natsu himself stood in-between the girl and the controlled bandit. Natsu squatted down in front of the girl and gave her a small smile. I didn't want to kill them you know, I'm not evil. I even promised my brother that I wouldn't unsheathe this blade, unless at least one, of either two conditions were met.

The second is when someone has single-mindedly decided that they will try to hurt, destroy or kill that which is important to me. Those two were completely irredeemable, if they were simply poor or hungry, I would have only knocked them out… but to pick on innocent people for enjoyment; that warrants their death. The girl took a deep breath before steadying herself. I mean I know we just met and everything, but I'd like to make sure you're safe before I head off again. The heat blade was unable to damage Zeref as he told natsu that he would be given a choice let E.

D live or destroy it which left the boy confused. Zeref moved to leave despite Natsu's protests however, Zeref told him that Tartaros spent so much time searching for him to suddenly appear would be a kill joy with that the black mage disappeared.

In the ending stages of the Tartaros War, Natsu's foster father Igneel is revealed to have hidden himself inside Natsu's body and attacked an arriving Acnologia. Igneel entrusted a protesting Natsu with procuring the book of E. With the help of Sting, Rogue and Gray Natsu was able to defeat the demon who had relinquished the book of E. Zeref later returned during an argument between Gray and Natsu over the book of E.

D for himself before summoning it to his very hand claiming its very important to him. He congratulated Mard Geer for his efforts to "revive" E.

Zeref remarked that he wanted to settled things with Natsu but Acnologia interfered but promises to bring Natsu more despair should he live through the Dragon King's onslaught. Having recovered the Book of E.

Natsu soon witnessed the death of his foster father Igneel by Acnologia's hand and breaks down in tears. Natsu tells Igneel that he had been searching for him for years and now that he's found him the latter is dying. However, Igneel reminds Natsu of what he taught him and tells Natsu to stand which he does and promises to defeat Acnologia.

Later at unknown location, Zeref ominously remarks that Natsu has to try and surpass him while calling the dragon slayer "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" revealing that Natsu is E. After a series of events, he was successful in reforming the Guild. Elsewhere Zeref recounted his past at trying to revive his dead younger brother, the events which led to him becoming cursed and creating the demons of his books as well managing to successfully revive his brother as E.

D Etherious Natsu Dragneel his last and most powerful demon. Zeref stopped talking to Natsu's book promising to speak with the real Natsu about Igneel and Mavis another day. Zeref soon journeyed through a rocky area to meet with a mysterious individual where upon meeting that person he notes on the form they chose before taunting them on their lost arm. The person turns out to be Acnologia in his human form who question Zeref's reason for a meeting as both he and Zeref acknowledge their great power but not doing anything with it.

However, Zeref tells Acnologia that he will eradicate him and humanity before noting on how Acnologia has been waiting for someone to truly challenge and tells he will make him truly fight.

The Black Mage tells the Dragon King to keep waiting as the final battle between the Dragon, Humanity and the Immortal approaches causing Acnologia to smile.

Zeref tried to kill Makarov hoping to enrage Natsu but Mest saved him. Natsu was angered to learn Zeref was the Emperor of the Alvarez Empire while Zeref was pleased that Natsu was on the island.

When Mavis tells Fairy Tail her past with Zeref, the latter mentions to wanting see his brother in the flashback. Prior to the invasion, when the fairy tail mages were wondering of how to defeat Zeref with Natsu stating he will take care of Zeref as he has a secret weapon in preparation for defeating him but could only use it once.

After defeating the first wave of the invasion, Natsu and Happy snuck off so that Natsu could face Zeref while the latter smiles for Natsu's arrival. Natsu went to confront Zeref and after taking down many soldiers Zeref appeared.

When Natsu remarked on how easy it was to get his attention, Zeref stated he wanted to see Natsu as soon as possible. Natsu then battled Zeref while using the power he inherited from Igneel managing to overwhelm Zeref. Pleased by this display, Zeref thanked those who made it possible for him to finally die with those being Igneel, Anna, Layla, Mavis and his dear younger brother Natsu who hits him with a powerful attack.

Zeref ultimately survived the attack as Natsu prepared to attack him once more but Zeref stopped him in order to finally reveal the truth. Zeref tells Natsu his full name is Zeref Dragneel and states he is Natsu's older brother.

Zeref went on recounting that four hundred years ago their family was attacked by dragons and that Natsu was killed along with their parents. Zeref explained that he underwent research in order to revive Natsu and using the body of the original Natsu Dragneel and a combination of his magic he was able to resurrect Natsu as E.

D Etherious Natsu Dragneelhis last and most powerful demon. Though shocked, Natsu denied this revelation by bringing up Igneel's failure to defeat E. Zeref also explained how Igneel chose not to kill Natsu because he loved him too much to harm him.

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Even with all this information, Natsu refused to believe it before Zeref proved his story by showing that damaging the Book of E. An injured Natsu was forced to listen as Zeref explained everything: Zeref states this was also a way for him to make Natsu stronger, so that one day he would be able to destroy Zeref.

Zeref ended his tale by stating he lived out those four hundred years awaiting Natsu's arrival reflecting on how hard it was but Natsu soon lost his patience and charged at his brother, refusing to believe anything else Zeref is telling him.

Making no attempt to defend himself, Zeref revealed one more thing if he dies then so will Natsu as he is his creation. The dragon slayer ignored this, accepting a suicidal destiny and tried to kill Zeref but a tearful Happy stopped him and flew away with the protesting Natsu who has lost his chance to kill his immortal brother. As he watches the two of them leave, Zeref tearfully states that Natsu is no longer capable of stopping him now that the last bit of Igneel's power has disappeared and bids his brother farewell.

With Natsu now gone, Zeref's wounds heal and he prepares to go through with his plans to obtain Fairy Heart now that no one is capable of defeating him so he will not hesitate any longer. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy land in a forest to rest at a pond where Happy tends to his burnt paws as Natsu struggled to process everything he learned from Zeref while making a promise with Happy to find a way to defeat Zeref without endangering his own life. Natsu soon collapses due to having a tumor develop in his body and Happy is forced to carry him back to the guild.

Natsu is soon healed by a Shield of Spriggan named Brandish who shrinks his tumor down to a size where it won't affect him. Natsu is then placed in a bed to rest but recovers and manages to defeat another Shield of Spriggan named Jacob who attacked the guild hall. After organizing his army, Zeref internally announced his intentions to crush his younger brother and former lover. After coming face to face with, August accuses Brandish of being a traitor however, she manages to sway his mind and after he looks at the gathered mages behind her, he spots Natsu who he seems to recognize due to the latter's relationship to Zeref.

However, August is stabbed by Brandish who was brainwashed by Mest causing August to take on a new form and retaliate with a powerful magic blast. As this happens, Zeref notes of strange magic presence before being teleported to Fairy Tail by one of his shield of Spriggan, Irene Belserion placing him in the same area as Fairy Heart Mavis. As this was happening, Natsu and his friends wake up in a new location and begin traveling back to Fairy Tail to help Mavis. Elsewhere Dimaria, a Shield of Spriggan who while tied up attempts to escape two Lamia Scale mages before their souls leave their bodies.

Dimaria turns and sees a man that says he's come to save her she is shocked when she realizes she was saved by a fellow Shield of Spriggan named Larcade Dragneel whose exact relation to the two Dragneel brothers is unknown.

Lacrade took Dimaria to regroup with the other Spriggan 12 who have taken control of the Fairy Tail guild, Larcade remarked on Dimaria and Brandish's friendship as August angrily glared at him and Invel stated this was because of his lack of attendance at the meetings. Mavis took note of Larcade's magic power sweating and trembling as Zeref revealed some information about Larcade that he is his secret weapon against Acnologia because of the vast capabilities of his unknown magic.

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When Invel a Shield of Spriggan freezes Natsu and his friends except GrayNatsu manages to free everyone causing Invel to smirk as he confirms Natsu's connection to Zeref. Natsu is soon taken away by Brandish while Invel forces Gray and Juvia to fight to the death. As this happens, Invel recalls a memory of Zeref showing him the pendant he wears holds a picture of Natsu and Zeref as children. Invel internally states his intention of molding Gray into a warrior capable of defeating E. D due to believing it is the only thing standing in Zeref's way of his ultimate goal.

After Gray and Juvia seriously wound themselves, Invel goes off to destroy E. However, an enraged Gray having been saved by Juvia arrives and brutally attacks before defeating Invel for his vile actions.

Wounded and laying on the ground, Invel reveals to a shocked Gray that Natsu is E.