Minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

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minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

The confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers is just about as picturesque as it gets in the Best Place to Meet Single Men (Gay) Flip Phone at Honey. Questioning whether the Mississippi begins in Lake Itasca may be blasphemy Here's why: If you follow the Minnesota River up to Big Stone Lake, that takes scratch upon the land — as it descends to meet the Minnesota. In the vast pine forest of northern Minnesota is the beginning of the great river known to all the world as the Mighty Mississippi.

That basalt is what today creates the dramatic cliffs around the Interstate State Parks. About million years ago, a shallow sea covered the area, laying down layers of sand and minerals that make up much of the sandstone bluffs now seen along the river.

In the last 20, years, glaciers have scraped the landscape and released torrents of meltwater, which carved the St. The river has been home to people for thousands of years.

minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

A bison kill site in May Township, Washington County, Minnesota is believed to be about 4, years old. At the time of European arrival in the region, the river valley and the surrounding area was occupied by the semi-nomadic OjibweDakota and nine other American Indian tribes.

minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

The Indians lived mainly on wild ricefish, and game. By the 18th century, the Ojibwe and Dakota were the two primary tribes that inhabited the area, until aroundwhen the Dakota have driven out from the St.

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Croix Valley as a result of the Battle of Kathio. For the next eighty years the area was primarily under French influence, and the fur trade grew throughout the first half of the 18th century, with beaver pelts as the prize trade good.

French trade in the upper valley was dominated by the Ojibwe and tied to Lake Superior traders, whereas in the lower valley the Dakota assisted in trading with merchants based out of St. Peters with the Ojibwe was signed at St. Peters now Mendota which ceded to the United States government a vast tract of land in what today is north central Wisconsin and central Minnesota, roughly bounded by the Prairie du Chien Line in the south, Mississippi River in the west, St.

Croix and Chippewa River watersheds in the north, and a mile parallel east of the Wisconsin River in the east. This opened the region to logging. The river was important to the transportation of lumber downstream, from the areas where it was being cut to the sawmills that processed it.

During the s, important sawmills were located at St. Croix Falls and Marine on St.

Mississippi River - Meet Minneapolis

Croixbut as the s progressed Stillwater became the primary lumber destination. During this time the population of Stillwater boomed, several additional sawmills were opened, and the town saw an influx of capital, primarily from lumber companies based downriver in St. Stereoscopic photograph of logging along the St.

The Mississippi river in MN in the winter.

Croix In construction began on a booming site two miles north of Stillwater, which was used to store and sort the lumber floating downstream and remained in operation for over fifty years. The vast white pine forests in the upper valley provided the forest products that built the towns along Lake St.

The Mississippi and Minnesota River Confluence:

Croix, Minneapolis and St. Paul ; the St. Logs were frequently caught in log jams at the narrow Dalles of the St. Croix Riverand in the blockade was so severe it took almost two months before the flow of logs was re-established. The only paddle share program in the Western Hemisphere is developing on the east side of the river on Boom Island. Simply reserve a kayak on their website, pick it up at one of the stations and hit the water. However, the hands-down best view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline is from the east side of the Stone Arch Bridge.

The bridge is also an excellent place to capture fall colors and the Guthrie Theater.

minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

The pleasing snarled metal and concrete backdrops at Ruins Park, below the Stone Arch Bridge, are a popular place for wedding and prom photo shoots. Views from Gold Medal Park on the west side, near the Guthrie, are also nice.

Sure, you can get pretty good photos from just about any bridge crossing the Mississippi, but the thickly wooded shores on both sides of the river around the Lake Street Bridge make for epic views of fall colors.

You can also get shots of the bountiful greenery in summer and the surreal blanket of white after heavy snowfall in winter. In addition to its many other enticements, Fort Snelling is just plain pretty.

Mississippi River

To get far enough away to capture its beauty, you need to cross the river on Highway 5, get on Shepard Road, then pull off and park on either South Prior Road or Crosby Farm Road in order to get the shot. Common ownership means you can bring your wine over to the first-run films in the neighboring St.

minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

They serve individual pizzas and sandwiches or just stop in for a cup of refreshing gelato. If a busy day along the river has given you an appetite for a memorable meal, change into clean clothes then head for The Bachelor Farmer, with a menu designed by James Beard award-winning chef Paul Berglund.

minnesota and mississippi rivers meet

Marvel Bar, in the basement, is among the top craft cocktail experiences in the city. Another James Beard award winner, Isaac Becker, is responsible for Bar La Grassa, serving a wide variety of pastas and other crowd-pleasing Italian staples. Smack Shack is known for their lobster-spiked dishes as well as oysters, crab, scallops, calamari, walleye a local white fish and other varieties of seafood.