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I want to sleep, Franny!, a meet the robinsons fanfic | FanFiction

meet the robinsons lewis and franny fanfiction sites

But accidents only the Robinson family could get themselves into like the pairings how they are in the movie that means Franny/Cornelius. Always Right. By: Danae. SEQUEL: Takes place after the events of the movie. Cornelius(Lewis)/Franny. Part One. And Lewis, for the future; I'm. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Family - Cornelius R., Franny R. Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Meet the Robinsons or A Day With Wilbur.

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He waved at Franny and motioned the pitcher to stop his pitch. He often wondered when Lewis would cut the crap that was his "overprotective brother" ruse and get down and dirty with Franny. After all, how hard could hand holding be? By the time Goob had decided he ought to go and offer Lewis some moral support, Stevie had wandered off into another part of the playground with Franny in tow.

When are you going to stop pestering Franny under the excuse the whole world is bent on taking advantage of her and just-" "I don't like Franny that way! He had been known for being less than considerate…with very unpleasant consequences…especially to his best friend although Goob barely knew the half of it. Your outburst proves my point exactly. I just want to keep her safe for the futu…well; my point is that I want to keep her safe. Maybe then she'll say yes?

Franny can go to the dance with Stevie if she wants to. She'll have to say yes to me eventually.

For a young genius who would be graduating college in less than a month, the younger boy thought his friend was acting extremely stupid. Days later, Franny was escorted to the Spring formal by a smug-looking Stevie Reynolds. Back at the Robinson house, Goob looked on worriedly as his best friend shrugged away the news and continued working on his latest Car-1 model unconcernedly.

Is Cornelius back from the World Summit yet? As far as he was concerned, he'd drawn his customary smiling face at the back of his head that morning and he knew by experience Franny would accept its welcoming curve without batting an eyelash. And, yes he is…came in with Goob about a quarter of an hour ago. Within minutes she had climbed the stairs leading to Cornelius' inventing room and squealed a hearty hello before attacking her unsuspecting friend from behind.

But I've missed you! He really wished the two would get their act together…he frowned…and soon if the shiny new class ring on Franny's thumb was any indication. Oh and Lewis I need to be going, the parents want me to babysit squirt tonight. Johnson for me Goob. It's awfully nice of them to have let you come with me on the trip.

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He then proceeded to walk out the room but not before glancing at the young woman's hand wearily. Is that a class ring? Cornelius hadn't asked a question; he'd issued a statement. You having this on your finger Franny…what does it mean? When I'm lonely and you're off cavalcading around the world for your conferences he talks to me and also unlike you he never forgets to call…especially on my birthday.

But wasn't that until next month?! Cornelius glanced at the old tattered calendar pinned to his wall and realized it was already "the next month. And that's okay because…because we're friends and friends understand things like that. This is his mother I work with Inventco Labs so I get to take our little man to work alot!

meet the robinsons lewis and franny fanfiction sites

My clothes aren't on backwards. I tell that to my science students all the time! The name's Bud Robinson. She was the only one in the class who did.

She had laughed for quite a few minutes when he told her that for the first time and Cornelius laughed along with her. She had enjoyed that day she got to visit Inventco Labs.

Cornelius and Lucille exchanged smiles at Bud's antics and Benny smoothed his tie nervously. How does it feel to be fourteen and a college graduate?

meet the robinsons lewis and franny fanfiction sites

A redheaded girl that sat next to Franny leaned over to her. Franny sighed sadly and muttered "No. Ever since they met two years ago at the science fair and he expressed his belief in her project with Frankie and the rest of her frogs she started to think about him. He'd call her occasionally to ask her about her project and he had invited her to Inventco Labs for a tour one time. But he had been busy with finishing up college and had hardly been able to talk to her.

He had hardly been able to remember to give her a CD of popular 40's bands and singers for her birthday. Franny shoved her science book into her backpack and shuffled toward the exit like everybody else. When she stepped outside, she got a big and very pleasant surprise. Cornelius was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk outside the school. He was out of his graduation robes, but he still held the cap. He was fiddling with it nervously as his lips flew at a million miles an hour. He was muttering about something, but Franny had no idea what.

She resisted the urge to run to him and instead started walking a little bit faster. Another student in a baseball cap stopped and did a double-take when they saw Cornelius. Cornelius smiled and tapped the fist with his.

Cornelius' eyes went wide, then he relaxed into a smile. Cornelius laughed at that. It just now occured to Franny that he seemed nervous. She'd have to take this into her own hands. You see, Mom and Dad are taking me out for a graduation dinner and they said that I could invite someone along if I wanted and the first person that popped into my mind was you so I've been waiting out here for school to get out so I could catch you and ask you and they're waiting at the restaurant now and it's only a couple blocks away-" "I'd love to go," Franny interrupted.

It's an easy walk and it's a nice day He was nervous again. Cornelius parked the 'craft after a VERY long and silent minute drive back to their home. He turned off the ignition and turned in his seat, and just sighed as Wilbur stubbornly glared out the window. Cornelius just shook his head, indicating how disappointed he was in his only son. He suddenly got out of the car, startling Wilbur. He doubted he would get off that easily. He was absolutely right.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, Cornelius took hold of his upper arm and led him up the stairs, dumping him in his room. Cornelius walked swiftly out of the room, heading for the stairs. Franny would be up by now, and he decided to check her music room first. He swung open the door, but she was nowhere in sight. The amphibian shook his green head. On the way he passed Tallulah and Lazlo fighting in the corridor, and inquired as to where Franny was. He left after receiving a negative answer, and they resumed their squabbling as he continued on his way.

In the kitchen, Cornelius found his mother steadily mixing a batch of biscuits next to a chattering Aunt Billie, who left after polishing what looked like a train whistle. Why, you're home early! I hope that our little Wilbur hasn't…" Lucille faded out, as she watched Cornelius shaking his head angrily.

Have you seen Franny? As much as I hate to admit it, she handles the kid a lot better than me. And yes I did see her, she said she was going to take a nap. Poor thing looked like she had a killer headache, if you ask me. If she needs anything, don't hesitate to ask me, OK? Franny had seemed perfectly fine last night, he thought.