Meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

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meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

This is a list of episodes for Tyler Perry's sitcom Meet the Browns on TBS. .. Will takes secret Salsa-dancing lessons so he can take Sasha to a party, but .. Mr. Brown clashes with his former singing group member (Eddie Levert) as they. This is a list of episodes for Tyler Perry's sitcom Meet the Browns on TBS. Each episode's name Debuts: David Mann as Mr. Leroy Brown, Tamela Mann as Cora Simmons, Lamman Rucker as Dr. Will Brown, .. Will takes secret Salsa- dancing lessons so he can take Sasha to a party, but Sasha thinks he's cheating on her. You are about to meet Mr. Brown. Story Highlights; David Mann plays Mr. Brown in "Meet the Browns"; Character known for his mangled.

Meanwhile, London is expecting a visit from her wealthy father, and is heartbroken when he doesn't show up. Erik Estrada as Francisco Absent: He vents to Brown about his doubts, but Brianna overhears him. She and Joaquin, thinking they're not wanted, run away. Everyone convinces Brown to market the secret family barbecue sauce recipe and he gets excited about getting rich, but he loses the recipe and scrambles to recreate it.

Sasha is jealous of her until she realizes who she's really attracted to Edna is considering plastic surgery, so London convinces her and the ladies to throw a "Botox Party". But he milks the situation and has the residents wait on him hand and foot, until they rebel. Edna has a health scare and decides to change her sensual ways.

When Cora tries to convince Brown to make a will, he thinks she's out to kill him. Note-This episode and a couple others had the child abuse number before the credits. Brianna freaks out when classmate Jamal makes an innocent pass at her.

Hughes gives Cora a full-time teaching job and she's immediately challenged when troublesome Angie shows up to class drunk. The Colonel discovers he's lost his nest egg and tries to get a job. Brianna gets arrested for shoplifting at the mall. Jo Marie Payton as Shirley Absent: Meanwhile, when Edna's theater date falls ill, his nephew fills in. Elsewhere, Brown treats a sick Cora, with nauseating results. Brown and the Colonel go to war against a mouse in the house.

Brianna must face who her father really is, not who she's imagined him to be all these years. The Colonel reveals to Brown that he has fallen for Edna, and with Brown's help the Colonel makes his move. But that's a good question. Oh my God, what if he was superrich and left you millions and millions of dollars?

We never talked about him. You know, since she used to do anything for money, if he was, believe me, she'd have still been with him.

I think you should go. You never know, mami. I ain't going to no Georgia. What's going on, girl? They shut the place down, Cheryl. They said they moved the plant to Mexico. We were supposed to get paid today! I'm going to burn this place down! Who has a match?! Don't give this fool no match. She gotta take medication just to stay right. I know one of you have a match! Give me a match. Give it to me.

List of Meet the Browns episodes

Cheryl, put that out. Come on, I'm trying to chill out. You know with your chemical imbalance you're not supposed to do drugs. I'm just looking out for you. I just can't believe they would do something like that. Miss Mildred to you. Now I'm running a daycare, not a welfare. You're running an illegal daycare, so relax. Little girl, you don't know nothing about my business. This is the last day. I'm not keeping your daughter another minute. I'll come get her. She's taking a nap now. That's the trouble with you young mothers You just said come get her.

And I meant it Thank you, Miss Mildred! I don't know what I'm gonna do now though. If I had known they were going to close down the plant, I would have beat my supervisors up yesterday. Well, what you gonna do?

Shoot, I'm barely getting by as it was. What you have to do is go and file child support on that Michael. They'll get it for you and they'll kick his ass. No, he'd kill me. Mamacita, you go talk to him. Let me know if you need me and my nine to pay him a little visit. Troubled little angel Inconsistent, flying blind most of the time Drama queen Preening and untangling Feathers in her wings Captured by her dreams Open up your heart Are you crying, Mama?

No no, I'm fine. We're gonna be all right, Ma.

meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

We've been here before, and don't we always make it? Let me cook this for you. Here you go, Mama. It's one of them old songs. Do I have to listen to this?

Yes, and you're gonna like it. You make me happy All we got to eat is oatmeal? Yes, and you're gonna like that too. Baby, this is for you. You eat that, all right? I got honeys at school that'll give me breakfast. Michael, I want you to eat this. What would I do without you, hmm? Hey hey, man, come on. Come on, have a heart Go up, go up! That's what I'm talking about. Good job, my Mikey. Ma, you see me score? Saw those shoes too. Now don't worry about that, Ma.

I told the guys on the team that they're my lucky shoes. I didn't know you were coming. No, you're staying in school, all right? But I can work and go to school, Ma. Listen, baby, I thought the same thing. I end up having to drop out of school, working a bunch of dead-end jobs just to make ends meet.

I don't want you working. I'm gonna make it work. One thing a black woman know how to do Good game tonight though. I appreciate it, man. I just bought this. How you doing, Miss Brown? You want to roll with us? I've gotta walk my mom and my sisters home.

meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

I can give y'all a ride. You want a ride? Calvin, where you working? You know your mama'd turn over in her grave if she knew, don't you? All right all right, I'll holler, man. I don't want you hanging with them boys.

I don't even want you talking to 'em. But, Ma, you know me and Calvin been hanging since the third grade. Yeah, well, he done changed.

Now I know them boys is in the dope game. I don't want you with them. Do you hear me? Your coach wanted me to fly up here and see you play. You've got a lot of potential. That's what you call it?

Mike's coach wanted me to see your brother play. We run a camp in the summer for high-school players. Are your parents around? I'd like to talk to them about Mike attending. Look, mister, I don't know where you're from, but what his coach should've told you is that I don't want Mike to even think about basketball until after he gets into college, which, judging by his grades, might not even happen.

Grades are important, especially the way Mike plays. Whoa whoa, what's that supposed to mean? It means you're talented, but talent's not enough. You need the right attitude plus skill. Hold on, I got skills.

The reason that coach sent you over here by yourself is 'cause he knows he don't do nothing but tell these boys in this neighborhood that they can make it to the pros. And when they end up with their hearts broken they walk around here mad at the world. That ain't happening to my son, okay? So you're gonna have to excuse me. I've got too much on my mind to deal with this. Girl, you got my money?

No, but I was just wondering if you could keep her for just a few hours while I try and go get it? Girl, do you think I'm crazy? Now you got to pay your money like all the other mothers in here.

When you bring that baby, oh, she be starving, so I know you must be too. I don't know what's the matter with you young girls having all these babies you know you can't take care of. Look, I don't need no lecture from you. I know what I've done.

They're here now, they're my responsibility. Oh, sit down, girly. I'm just talking to you. Eat and settle down. I've got enough bad ones running through here to know that. Now what is going on with you? Somehow I always managed to make it through, but now it's just getting harder and harder. It ain't somehow, it's the Lord. And all that means is you're getting close to a breakthrough.

Till then you just keep praying. I try to pray and I try to live right, but where's it getting me? If you had seen the look on my babies' faces when that man turned my lights off Now you listen to me.

Don't you ever get tired of doing the right thing, 'cause in the end, that's what pays off. You're the best mother I have seen, that's why I'm gonna keep that baby. I wouldn't do that for these other ones here.

At least they can afford to pay you, Miss Mildred. Honey, I don't want to know half of what they're doing to get that money. Take that with you. Thank you, just a couple of hours. Thank you, Miss Mildred. Ladies, ladies, you can't be here.

This is a hard-hat area. Hi, I'm looking for Michael Rose. You'd better go find him. I'm his baby mama, and if I don't find him, you are going to regret it. Wait wait wait wait wait. All right, all right. Brenda, what are you doing here?

I've been calling you. You haven't returned my calls. What do you want? I lost my job, Michael. I've been raising your son by myself and in 17 years I ain't never asked you for nothing.

You know, now I just need a little help. What, you don't know when someone is threatening you, huh? They turned my lights off, all right? Your son, he needs some I'll tell you what I'll be right there. I can't go anywhere with you, Cheryl! I've been there, mamacita. Ai, we need money. I'm gonna rob a bank. Come on, be serious. Cheryl, why are you so crazy?

Because it's fun, because I like it. I've been thinking a lot about your father. I think you really should go down there to Georgia. Because I'm tired of getting my hopes up for things that don't happen. You have nothing to lose right now. Come on, there's the bus. Watch your step there. All right, have a good day now. You can say that again. Looks like we gonna see slaves at any minute. She look like she about to fight somebody.

Uh, excuse me, you must be Brenda. I said to myself That's got to be her. Girl, I'm Leroy Brown. Yeah yeah, how'd you know? Oh, look at you! Hey, who are you? Mommy, I like the clown.

He looks like a flag. Oh no, that's my brother Larry Brown. They just call him That's my oldest brother on my daddy's side. He told me to come by here and get y'all. Y'all ready to go? Oh, I'm glad y'all made it safely. You need some help with that? Here, Cora, hold that. My back is messed up. Y'all be careful now. He had to go to Bingo, I think. If y'all feel some jerking, that's my transmission.

It just "snips" sometimes. I got it fixed at church the other day. I said I'm gonna go get her, 'cause she's a friend of him, he's a friend of mine.

So where you from? That's where them big buildings is, ain't it? Yeah, they got a lot of big buildings. I miss my daddy. It's going to be all right, Mr. I just can't take it. Lord, take the wheel. I want you to look at the road, Mr. Huh-uh, gimme the South. Yes, I like the trees of the South.

I don't like it. There's too much smog and stuff there. I want you to watch the road. Oh wait, now watch the road! He just taught me so much. He taught me how to dance and swim. Oh, he was so handsome.

So how you know our daddy? Oh, Lord, help me. Vera, will you get somewhere and sit down without all that drama? Go on, y'all, daddy dead! Vera, get ahold of yourself now. Oh, Lord, oh, Lord, I just don't know what I'm gonna do, y'all. That would definitely help me. Got any rum in that?

Oh Lord, who's this big yellow woman blinding me? Brown, I didn't know your soldiers marched. Yeah, you remember in school and you had on them tight pants, you had a pencil stuck in the pocket? And then he fell. I got lead poisoning You gonna roll up on me? Hell to the no! I got my purse. I got something for you. That's your Aunt Vera. Ain't no auntie of mine acting like that.

Nice to meet you. Brown, I want to know what these strangers are doing here during our time of bereavement. Hey, Brown, this your daughter too? I'm Brenda and this is Michael, Lena and Tosha. Brenda came down for the funeral.

I'm gonna show you where you're gonna sleep. And, Vera, you all can sleep in Pop Brown's old room. Oh, now I ain't sleeping in some room some dead man died in. I've been sleeping with a dead man for years. Oh yes, that's Harry. Sorry to hear about your daddy. People's dying that ain't never died before.

Yeah, he's in a better place now. Mm-hmm, he gone to heaven. How you doing, man? Just came by to pay my condolences. Oh, you ain't got to pay for nothing. Yeah, Daddy left a big insurance policy for that much. Hey, Mike, I was watching you from upstairs. He just needs to watch his elbow. Who are you to be giving me advice? Mike, this is Harry Belton And a pretty good professional player until he retired.

All you know is that young boy "Lebanon" James, ain't it? Gimme the basketball, I'm gonna show you Harry's a high-school coach here now and college recruiter and does camps and develops talent over the summer, right? Oooh, you're so "disrespected.

We've got some talented kids like you. But they listen, so that would make 'em better than you. You got some money? I'm gonna change into my good clothes. You don't know nothing about basketball. Whoo, I'm just coming in here to keep y'all company. Don't ask me to cook nothing. Last time I was in the kitchen I burned myself and cut myself. Dinner gonna be in a while.

Miss Sarah's a great cook. Look like you been eating here for years. Oh look, you don't know me. I'd love to, but I gotta save some for my sister and brother.

Well, it look like you ate it all. Something sure smells good. I didn't mean to eat it all. It was just so good. Oh, honey, don't be upset. Old mean Vera here was just kidding.

Tosha, sweetheart, do me a favor, go check on your sister. We've just been having it Well, get up there. I lost my job lately, but even before then, it was Sure wanna believe that.

meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

You must believe it, baby, and don't you be ashamed to speak out. We got your back. I don't have much family. Stay out of her business. I wasn't trying to get in her business. I'm gonna help her out. Here, this should help you get a little bit.

I can't take that. You can take it. It'll help out a little bit. No no no, thank you. I'm gonna go check on my kids. First of all, she gonna buy that kid a box of perm. Let me spell that for you: Uh-oh, watch the tree. All right, this game's points. Aw, that's my baby. You said you want some of this?

I got on my clothes, my basketball clothes. Harry, Brenda; Brenda, Harry. Harry's a friend of the family. She kicked me out of her house And what, you didn't believe him? If Harry says it's true, then it's the truth. So, what, you decided to stalk us? Harry, you see him foul me? You hit me on the leg. Let me go ref this game.

I'd still like to take you out to lunch. Dinner's ready, you guys.

meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

It's time for dinner. I need you to wash up. You didn't hear that? What, is that your way of asking to stay for dinner?

If you trying to holler at her, man, you need to come out of that sweaty shirt. Hey, I'll save you a seat. And that was when we all cried like babies. You don't know how to tell no stories. I remember it because it was like it was yesterday. I remember it was Christmas Eve, Daddy said he couldn't get us nothing for Christmas. So he come in and he said, "I'm gonna get the truck ready. You know, we ain't have no engine in the truck. We just had a, you know, old one-horsepower truck.

We went down to that river. I didn't want to jump in right off. That water was below zero! Daddy got out there and he said, "Get in the water! I didn't want to be no disobedient. So I got to that water and I looked at it, and I teenched up there and then I teeter-tottered. Teeter-totter, next thing you know I never learned to swim. I couldn't get the rhythm of the stroke. Why is it that I felt that I might choke?

Harry, how is your mother? I'm glad she's good 'cause I know she almost had a heart attack when she heard about all that trouble you were in with all that illegal Gimme the part where they got that rum sopped up in there. Gimme just that rum piece. I'm just glad to see you all right 'cause I was praying for you.

That prayer didn't get no higher than the ceiling. Young man, you know where you going? Excuse me a minute. Brenda, he seems like such a nice young man. I couldn't make it without him. Now just a minute, just a minute. Anybody else at this table want to know who this woman is? I want to know who this woman is. Huh-uh, the devil is a liar. Oh, hell to the no. My daddy wasn't no rolling stone. Well, that's what my mama said. I don't know no Cassidy. I ain't got no reason not to tell the truth.

Yeah, let's see what you got. She does look just like us. Look, I'm the baby of this family. She ain't coming up in here. All that attitude and carrying on. I got this letter and it told me to come down here. Let me see this. Papa Brown been talking to you about her?

Yes, her and her mother. You see, when Pop Brown got real sick, he started to tell me everything about his past life. You know, before he got saved and became a deacon.

So you mean to tell me Yep, and her mother was the love of his life in Chicago. What are you saying? You see, when Pop Brown was in Chicago, he was a pimp. And her mother was his bottom ho. You don't talk about my daddy. Hell to the no, this is blasphemy. He was not a pim She was a good girl Shirley, the one that used to make cupcakes for me when I was a child.

Please don't tell me Shirley was no ho. She's a double ho. Ain't nothing going on here but the truth. Brenda, you sure you okay?

meet the browns mr brown singing and dancing

But it's a good thing this funeral's tomorrow - so I can get out of here. This is getting pretty full. I should take it out. You sure you want to do that? Ladies, I'm gonna say good night. Nice meeting you too.

Around here men do that. Where I'm from women do it all. Well, then maybe you should live here. What's wrong with my town? It's too quiet here. Then maybe you should let me show you how great a town it is. You know, I'm here for my father's funeral and you're flirting with me. That is in poor taste. Well, we are here today to say - goodbye Daddy, you should've let me go with you!

Mom, Mom, take it easy. And I need you to understand that God will see you through all this, sister. What the hell does he got on his head? He do, He do! I wanted to say something about my daddy. I'm trying to do the sermon, please. Look at my daddy's face. You can let me say something about my daddy.

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Act like he your daddy. Now I have more to say, but right now his son Leroy Brown has a few words that he wants to say. Leroy Brown, come on and say something right up on that. I don't know what to say. You want me to say something, L. I just was in my room and I jotted down a few things. I didn't plan on saying nothing. Let the church say "amend. I want to let everybody know today that Daddy died happy. I'm gonna miss my daddy. My daddy loved his people I'm getting sick of this. It don't take nobody that long to put nobody in the ground.

I'm just sick of it. He'll always be right here, y'all, right here in my heart. And I won't chatter no And we here to celebrate Daddy. And I'm telling y'all today, - my daddy was a happy man. We need peoples that'll stand up and be heroes for the Lord. I gotta stop smoking. Amazing Gra-a-a-ace How sweet, yes The sound One more time, Sarah. She got one more time. Vera's really getting on my nerves.

A wre-eeee-etch Like me-eee You wanna go with her? There's room for you too, you know? I'm the baby of this family and I deserve some respect.

Everybody's act a fool. Should have let them put the dirt on you too It was nice meeting all of you, but, um You have to stay till tomorrow for the reading of the will. Daddy ain't left her nothing. No, um, I really think we ought to be going.

You can't leave, baby, 'cause You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go change and I'm gonna be back in 15 minutes. I'm gonna take you and your kids to see my town. All right, you know I don't know you that well, but you'd better watch out for him. Flashing that pretty smile He done broke a lot of women's hearts out here in these backwoods.

Brown, where you all at? Where that money you owe me? You didn't know I spoke Spanish, did you? Oooh, you should have got one. See, it's not so bad. One of your women? That don't mean nothing down here, do it? Why don't you have a woman, anyway? Six years, three kids and a whole lot of drama. My drama trumps your drama. Hey, step right up, step right up. Who can get the ball in the basket? How about you, young man?

Yeah, you there, sir. Get the ball in the basket, you can win a cute little doll for the lovely lady back there. The young man's going to clean me out of all my profits. I'm in, but I'll just play. Keep that elbow in, all right? That's what I'm talking, dawg. That's the difference right there, man. Come on, man, get some more, get some more animals, man Hey, man, here's your cut. Oh no, you keep it. Think I'm winning him over. Don't be so sure about that. He hasn't really had a real man in his life.

And I sure can't afford to let another one come running in and out of it. Is it his life or your life we're talking about? I don't know who you're protecting, you or him. Both of us, I guess. You really think he's that good? Well, how would that work?

I mean, how would you coach him? I mean, you're here. He's with me in Chicago. And look, he's not moving down here. I can make a few trips up there, give him some drills. Maybe in the summer, he can do a camp with me and some of the other players. Hmm, what about his education? I promise you he'll come back smarter than he left. Yeah, well, I'll think about it. Hey, thank you for the day. I really appreciate it.

I'm just gonna go and pack.