Meet other starseeds and lightworkers channeling

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meet other starseeds and lightworkers channeling

My LightWorker Institute How can I make sense of all these different energy classifications and terms? We don't have to look far to find an example of this type of elemental: think Robin Williams and you are there. (a common way to help young children learn how to channel happy or healing energy). Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Starseeds and Earth Angels are essentially the same . There is really no difference other than the level of awareness you're tuned . Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie! Find More. As I read the traits of Starseeds, Lightworkers and Walk-ins, I recognized Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical.

From We implore you: Discernment, discernment, discernment - we cannot emphasize this enough, for as quickly as an apparent truth comes forth and you incorporate it into your belief system, it may be superseded by a higher truth or a new concept.

In looking back, can you not see that much of the knowledge you now accept as your absolute truth was beyond your wildest imagining ten years ago, or even six months ago? Be aware that many of the things you are so certain about today will undoubtedly change tomorrow or in the near future. Mentally, new ideas and concepts are bombarding your consciousness. Nebulous at first, but gradually solidifying as you use your enhanced reasoning abilities to unfold and decode the formulas and inventions of the future.

As you tap into the higher planes of the fifth dimension, you will begin to remember facets of the blueprint of Creation for this Sub-Universe: Many of you will begin to see geometric shapes, sparkling crystals, and brilliant new colors as you move through and beyond time and space into realms of Light. We have said that many special dispensations are being given to those who bravely step to the fore and claim their heritage. As the masses awaken and cry out for assistance, solutions, information and encouragement, you will be needed more than ever, my brave ones.

We are waiting to empower you, to gift you with wisdom, abilities and knowledge beyond your wildest imaginings. From Your combined efforts of Light work in the past year especially has enabled all upon this planet to safely move forward into the new galactic cycle now dawning on the new horizon for your planet and all her inhabitants.

You have been and still are, very needed, to be grounded into the Earth acting as conduits for these more refined energies now flowing into your atmosphere. This will now become a much easier and more natural way of life because there will be a lessening of the energies of polarity and life on Earth in general will feel more filled with ease and grace.

We Welcome You with Great Jubilation! What you are achieving by your own endeavors is a credit to your intent to see the way clear to Ascension. We have helped of course to stop interference that would seriously hamper your work. Some of you have skills that are useful to us, and you will know when we are ready to use you. There are a number of ways it can be done, and some of you will be the early visitors to our ships. It is beautiful to see such a lot of interchange of energies, and we encourage a free giving of them to whoever you meet or pass by.

A smile or warm greeting is sufficient to open another souls heart, and a handshake or hug a powerful exchange of energies. It is time to recognize the Light in everyone, and see beyond the outer covering. Some ask "What can I do to spread the Light? Another useful exercise that will also spread the Light is being open about your beliefs without being overpowering, as otherwise people will switch off.

Plant the seeds that will lead to a growth in their consciousness, because as the changes take place they will have many unanswered questions in their minds. What is now unfolding is the fulfillment of the plan. So there is an intensity to the next while, as you would think of it, or as I choose to put it, that will see an amping up, if you will. But it is more of a joyous amping up rather than a struggle of, "Will we make it? Will we make it?

So it is more joyful.

Lightworkers… Earth Angels… Starseeds… Is There a Difference?

As you have put it, it is the heart to heart, the skipping and the laughing together. So there will be the continuation of the work that you are doing. Then there is the next phase, what we would call, even though we have called what you have been going through transition, there will be a transition as things begin to shift. So there will be a great deal of assistance, and you will not be alone.

It will be in the presence of your star brothers and sisters as well. The assistance to assist those who perhaps have not fully engaged?

Those who are on the slower track, to bring that vibration up to a collective norm. But that is a very temporary assignment. It is like triage and treatment at the end of the war when you are bringing all the warriors home. So there is attendance to those who have been blinded or injured, or who feel or believe they are injured. But then you begin your new assignments.

Lightworkers… Earth Angels… Starseeds… Is There a Difference?

And we need to emphasize in this, of course it is your creation, and it is your co-creation with us, with each other, with your star brothers and sisters. So there is choice. But you have already made those choices also long ago. But, for example, you would have said - and yes, I use "you," my beloved friend - you would say, "Well, when I go next time for the new assignment, I want to bring with me two or three choices. Or you may choose to completely, simply, be on ship. Some of you may choose to continue your Ascension process and return to different dimensions.

Some of you may choose to in fact leave or apparate or reincarnate on other planets and other realities. Some of you will be going home to your star brothers and sisters, to your home planets. So there are a variety of choices. But let us be clear: That has been the history of the 3rd and of the human race, but it does not mean that you stop, in quotes, "work, play, creation.

The tasks in hand have been made easier through the wonderful work of the Lightworkers, and will become even easier as the dark Ones are put where they can no longer interfere. Already their influence is weakening, and together with our allies we will ensure that they cannot get back.

We do not worry about the time aspect as you do, as we know that all will be well and Ascension will take place as promised. Sooner or later those who are just awakening will hear about the changes, and need the help of those who are more fully informed. That is where you can be of great service and are capable of sharing your knowledge. If you answer questions just sufficiently to satisfy the questioner, that should be enough to enable them to make progress.

Too much information at a time can be overwhelming and nullify the good that might have been done. From one source or another, no soul will be able to claim that they were denied an opportunity to learn about Ascension.

Time is short of course but even so we will make every attempt to place the facts before as many people as possible. Ascension is assured but do not sit back as your help is now as important as it ever was. There is still cleansing that is necessary as you are aware, and you can help keep its affects to a minimum by sending out your Light to Mother Earth.

She has no desire to cause damage and death, but her Ascension is just as important as your own, if not more so. Think upon her need to be every bit as ready as you are, as Ascension is a time when you join together and ascend as One.

Regarding missions, we shall repeat what we have said about the comparative few who are needed to fill leadership positions. Most of you chose to be way-showers by radiating your light, and you are fulfilling that role simply by living as the BEing you are, one of God's beloved children and related to all others in His family - all of Earth's humankind, animals, the plant kingdom and the invaluable souls in the Devic realms.

We honor you for your valor and steadfastness in the light. We honor you for your perseverance and ingenuity in overcoming all roadblocks set in your way by the darkness and for your patience with delays.

We honor you for leading your world into the new era of love, peace and harmony with all of Nature. Please honor yourselves as we do! You enter another month, and look back and see how time has passed so quickly. During that period you have as Lightworkers done so much to lift the levels of consciousness, and a grand awakening is taking place.

It is a great achievement against the background of the efforts of the Illuminati to distract you and create fear. Once you are on the path to becoming a Lightworker, you are well on your way to fulfillment. That does not mean you need become a teacher or administer to others, but that by your example become a shining Light. This way you can uplift others wherever you are with a kindly smile or word, and it has much more impact than you might imagine. You - the Light-holders, the Light-bearers, and the Way-showers - need to continue focusing on being Love in action.

Release any remaining judgment, anger, resentment, or desire for vengeance or restitution. Open your hearts to the Love that is sweeping over the planet and allow it to show you that all is divinely taken care of, which it is. By expressing love, and only love you change the world. That is why you are on the world. It needs your help to change, along with assistance from those of other realms who are standing by at all times, ready to assist you.

Holding love in your hearts and intending to share it indiscriminately and unconditionally with every single human is immensely powerful, especially as that intent is encouraged and supported by the divine field of Love enveloping the planet. You have free will, so it is up to you to open your hearts and allow love to flow through you. That is how you change the collective field of consciousness that has for so long been fear-driven.

And you are doing it. It is as though you are immersed in deep, muddy, toxic water, and the flow of love is cleansing and dissolving the toxins and impurities. Already there are many areas which are clear and sparkling, and the process will continue until total purity is achieved and becomes self-sustaining. This is what you are doing: Yes, you do slip, and the intent for an unloving thought, word, or action escapes from you, but because you are aware and then change the intent, any damage that occurs is minimal and is quickly repaired.

While swimming in this toxic water it is very difficult to avoid occasionally swallowing a mouthful and feeling as though you are yourselves becoming toxic. You have made the intent to be love in action, the cleansers and purifiers, and you are holding that intent so the divine Love field supports you at all times, offering comfort and reassurance when you feel that you are not doing as well as you should.

Do not judge yourselves. Love yourselves, and share that love. It is all that you need to do to bring you to your awakening. Jesus thjrough John Smallman, Sept. There are also people who have said to me that they also have the obligation to stay.

So there will be some people who are qualified to go who won't go because at some level they've agreed to stay. That is absolutely correct. And those are the pillars. You are holding the space, and you are still the teachers, you are still the showers of the way. When there is a mass exodus, there are always those who stay to make sure that everybody who wishes to go is equipped and ready and gets the opportunity.

I am part of that, you know. We know that many of you who read our comments already understand our position. You are our vanguard and there will come a time when your knowledge will be invaluable to us. We cannot be everywhere at once, and you will be on hand to answer the questions from those who are new to the whole idea of Ascension. Those of you who carry the Light are asked to remain centered and calm as you go about your daily activities. It is important to remain focused upon the grounding of this Light into the core of the Planet so that you are always in equilibrium.

Be observers of that which unfolds around you, rather than participants, and look for signs in all places that changes are taking place. Your intuitive faculties and power of discernment will be much employed in these times. Go within daily to commune on a deeper level with your Divine Presence and listen to the still, small voice that guides you unerringly to your destiny.

Remember, as you observe the World around you, that you have already surpassed the challenges that are now gripping the lives of Humanity as a whole and you do not need to partake of it except to intend the Light of God in any situation that comes to your awareness.

Call upon your Holy Christ Self of the Light to manifest through you and practice being your higher essence with intention. The qualities of compassion, kindness and helpfulness will lift the hearts of those around you who need to know that they are not alone. You can make a positive difference. You are the Openers. You are the first ones to open the myriad Portals into the fifth dimension.

Also, you are the ones that will stand by that open Portal until everyone has gone through. You, the Openers, volunteered to be the leaders of this Planetary Ascension. Therefore you serve as the Scouts who go ahead into the unknown and come back to tell of your experience. You dash into the Bliss of the NOW, and courageously return to tell of your trek.

You have become masters of saying things in a specific manner so that you do not frighten your audience. You are the Light-bearers - the ones who chose to come and assist humanity in its awakening process.

And because of the task that you have taken on you have infinite help and assistance from all in the spiritual realms to ensure the success of this divine plan. You really do know, deep within yourselves, that this is your task and that your success in bringing humanity to wakefulness is divinely guaranteed. As Light-holders you have the knowledge, the understanding, and, yes, the wisdom to open your hearts to embrace the field of divine Love encircling the planet, and to intensify its effects by engaging in every situation in which you find yourselves with acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and love.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers channeling

You chose to be on Earth at this time for just this purpose, and you are being given every assistance from the spiritual realms to ensure that you make a resounding success of it.

Very shortly the clearing up process will be able to proceed without further hindrance from the dark Ones. Your lives are to some extent to be turned upside down, although many people are already prepared for it. We hope that some leaders will heed our request and not wait until we are forced to intervene, but if we have to we are fully ready.

SaLuSa, July 30, At present you have a number of brave souls who have stuck their necks out at risk to themselves, and they are leading the way and we are behind them. So please identify with them and where you can assist be of help, and if nothing else spread the word so that others can draw some confidence from what is happening.

SaLuSa, July 23, You must have noticed that when you meet Lightworkers, they carry an air of calmness that is very uplifting. That, dear Ones, is where you will all eventually find yourselves, and you will know that you have at last found the peace you have been seeking. No one can take it away from you, as it becomes a powerful state of being that is also your protection.

Be true to your Higher Self and do your best to live your life as you envisage one who has Ascended. SaLuSa, July 18, All planned is very near to commencing in a way that you will see what is happening, and be kept well informed. We know that so many of you are keen to get involved now, and depending on what skills you have you will certainly be drawn to other people who will be involved, if not directly contacted.

By and large we need little help as the advanced computers we use can handle the most difficult tasks. However it would be nice to work together as we will be doing so for quite some time, even after Ascension. As our relationship progresses you will of course have advanced yourselves, and eventually be equal to the tasks ahead.

As you must know by now in reality you are great Beings in your right, and it will not take long before you are back to levels that you used to enjoy. SaLuSa, July 13, Times are approaching when communities may need to come together to assist those who may well be confused by what is about to happen.

It will seem as though the world is being turned upside down, and the future uncertain. SaLuSa, June 27, We now see the most beautiful souls amongst you who have achieved a level of mastery and Light, that wherever they go are magnificent beacons of Light helping others awaken.

As we see it the mass consciousness is rapidly growing and that is another guarantee that you have a definite path to Ascension. Whatever happens around you or directly to you, stay strong and any problems should be quickly resolved as you are now clearly on the upward curve and leaving the lower energies behind.

7 Signature Signs of Starseed And Lightworkers!!

In fact so many of you are drawing a clear line between yourselves and the old energies that no longer satisfy your desire for the pure things in life. It can cause difficulties between family and friends but you have to follow your own needs. You are in a time of self-realization and discovering who you really are, and no longer beholden to the opinions of others.

My LightWorker Institute

If necessary make your own pathway to Ascension and allow others to do the same. Loved ones may also be involved but they too must follow their intuition, and we reiterate that the love link will always be there. SaLuSa, June 20, Now we see the wonderful awakening attracting so much Light to Earth, and many souls acting as beacons of Light that show the way to others. Indeed, many of you have incarnated into this period of time specifically to help others, and have come in from the higher levels.

Such souls have known from an early age that they had arrived to carry out a special mission, and they now stand out as your leaders and guides for the final thrust to Ascension. Whilst the forces of Light of which there are many thousands are getting themselves ready for action to start the first major changes, we advise you to still concentrate on sending out the Light.

Do not waver even though uncertainty exists regarding the exact timing, as in one way or another our aims will be met. Few of you are directly involved in what is about to occur, but you can help by spreading calmness and giving others an assurance that all will be well. None of us have come this far to be put off by the remaining obstacles to be cleared. If necessary there will be a divine intervention, so we are fully aware that a successful outcome is absolutely certain.

SaLuSa, June 18, We see many awakening each day and many more beginning to question what has been told to them by the news, and the government. People are beginning to recognize, listen, and trust their intuition which is a sign of change within human consciousness. We applaud you for seeking the deeper truths in spite of continuing appearances and teachings that have held you in bondage for so long. Soon you will find yourselves to be the teachers, helping those who have no idea about what is going on in the changing world and who are tending to go into fear.

You will help them to understand the new energies now manifesting as the outer, and also why that which has always been, can be no more. The Arcturian Group, June 3, We view your present position as one that enables you to cope quite easily and we look to you to carry other people forward who are less aware or are uninformed. The preparations that we have made will, at some stage, take over the responsibility of keeping people up to date with what is happening.

That is viewed as very important as we must be seen to be operating in your best interests at all times. SaLuSa, June 1, Because of the work that the Light-holders are doing - changing their attitudes by releasing all that is unloving, and embracing compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness towards all - the divine energy field enveloping the planet is intensifying and infiltrating the individual energy fields of everyone on Earth at this time, and awaking within them the hope and the faith that has lain there for so long hidden and unacknowledged.

Saul, May 2, Where you find people that are confused, we call upon the Lightworkers to be bold and step in, as their knowledge is vital at this time because it can serve to ease their plight and lessen the possibility of them becoming fearful. As has often been said, there is nothing to fear except fear itself, and regardless of the circumstances the world is not due to end through any disaster.

SaLuSa, April 18, In the meantime we must say that the Lightworkers have done exceptionally well in getting you this far. Some have suffered for their troubles, but have had solid faith and willpower to continue their tasks.

The Spiritual Hierarchy has been instrumental in ensuring success, by arranging for many Lightworkers to incarnate on Earth especially for this important time.

Be assured that if you have as yet an unfulfilled task, you will be called when the time is appropriate. It will not be long before you find out, and many will be required to carry out work within their communities. If you are in the know about the future, your knowledge needs to be shared with those who need informing. The truth cannot be concealed any longer, and clearly the more you can open peoples minds to other possibilities the better. SaLuSa, April 16, When we speak of our allies we generally refer to those who are Lightworkers, at the front of activities that are occurring with our backing.

They are the ones who are preparing the way for the greater advancement of our programs, that are restoring your sovereignty and opening up the way to Ascension. Yet in essence every Lightworker, unknowingly or not, is part of the Divine Plan, ensuring that it is successful. Many of us on Gaia will be helping other planets ascend. Yes, if you so choose. Now when the time comes for most of you will stay for a Golden Age, for you know that death and dis-ease is an old 3rd paradigm.

So when the time comes that you relinquish your physical form you may choose to go and assist in other ways with other processes of evolution and Ascension.

Or you may choose to do something else, that will be your choice the same way it was your choice to come here, because you believed in love, because you are love. But most of you are always up for another adventure, as am I. We would ask if you are playing your role well? Have you been rehearsing lines and now ready to perform? This group has certain key characteristics that are nearly impossible to miss. They radiate innocence and love.

For our purposes here, there are 2 types of incarnate angels: She has spent so much of her life trying to find out exactly who she was and why she was here. She was different and everything I told her about Incarnate Angels made perfect sense to her. I absolutely love helping Incarnate Angels discover the truth about who they are and why they are on earth.

The burned out Incarnate Angel is a completely different story. They have sacrificed so much of their own lives, joy, happiness, time and soul for others that they feel completely used up. They are overstimulated because they have lost the ability to shield themselves from the countless energies they encounter. And this lack of shielding and protection causes their natural protection methods to kick in, and the incarnate angel can gain a great deal of weight because that physical layer of protection fat is shielding.

Burned out Incarnate Angels are prone to addiction because they have fractured souls from years of putting themselves last and they find an external means of filling that void addictions can be food, alcohol, drugs — prescription or other.

Many burned out incarnate angels have developed unhealthy and codependent relationships that leave them feeling utterly hopeless and helpless. I have many clients who are burned out incarnate angels. All it takes is one look at their sweet angelic faces — faces that show great pain and disconnect, instead of innocence and love.

She had felt like life had nothing left for her. Life had picked and pulled her apart, and she felt every bit of it. Robin began an intense path toward healing and began to find joy and purpose in her life again. Wise Ones Wise One energy is sometimes misleading. The Wise Ones I know often have difficult lives.

They believe in a great balance to the universe, which balances joy with pain and good with bad. Wise ones include astrologers, shaman, wiccans, pagans, and other energy types that focus on energy balancing in the universe.

We are to my favorite energy type — the star seed. These are my kind of people! And working with them comes so naturally. To make a star seed really easy to understand, think of it this way: For our purposes, a Star Seed on earth is a soul who has come to earth from a different system. There are billions of systems in the collective consciousness of our universe, and I can only speak of a few. The main ones I see in my healing practice are: Agron, Typhon, Siruis, Polaris, and the Pleidian system.

ET, Phone Home | Channeling Erik®

There are countless others. That means they are on assignment on earth, and inhabit a human body. They are not human. In my healing practice, I have clients who come from systems that differ so greatly from earth that they encounter a powerful shock to their system when they are assigned or volunteer to serve on earth.

Every being is the same. So despite her female body, she has never been able to identify as a woman. This means that on her home system, Laura is an elemental and is deeply connected to her planet. This elemental energy remains part of her core as she travels to earth as a Star Seed. In this manner, beings can be two different types of energy.

These are not remembered by human beings consciously. However the density of Earth is such that repeated incarnations here often results in human beings losing their awareness of spiritual realities and their spiritual gifts. The physical plane of Earth dominates their consciousness to the point where they cannot even imagine extra terrestrial realties.

They need to learn how to master the lessons that the earth plane has to offer and this consumes their time and energy. And as such they are deeply consumed by the illusions of separation and lower consciousness that exist here. In this lost state the extraterrestrial origins have been forgotten and so there is little interest in this subject.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers channeling

In a way this state of forgetfulness serves them as they are allowed to focus intently on whatever the themes of their life are, without distraction from other realities and past extra terrestrial connections. I offer these definitions not to divide people and create hierarchies. I am not implying that anyone is better or worse than anyone else. Star Seeds are very often humble and do not appreciate themselves or their own abilities.

I use these definitions to help Star Seeds to understand why their experience of being a human is often different from everyone else. This helps them to come to terms with who they are. This is so important as many Star Seeds acknowledge that they feel different from others and this brings them much loneliness and pain. Often they blame themselves and feel as if it is their fault for not fitting into their family and society in an easy and enjoyable fashion.

Nobody likes to feel separate from others but this is the shared experience of many Star Seeds. The sense of separateness does not have to be. The whole Star Seed story is rich and beautiful. It is however the human condition which is full of illusion and suffering. Once the illusions are seen through, reality changes for us all and we can choose a different reality full of connection, freedom and joy. Indeed many Star Seeds carry high spiritual energies and consciousness which are contributing to the ascension of consciousness in individuals and in humanity as a whole.

meet other starseeds and lightworkers channeling