Meet banter lads and lasses

MultiCultClassics: Lads, Lasses And Asses.

meet banter lads and lasses

There were six of us lads all together and we stayed at the Triton from the 9th - 16th Sept ' The pool is good fun and we met a few other similar groups to us . Being a fat lad on a bike and the odd laughter from white van man is better and banter but if it was a professional I think it would be Bradley Wiggins . be the Fat Lad/Lass At the Back that they have to wait for going up hills. The brunette beauty reckons she's a fiesty "lad's lass" who loves being the He added: "I'd probably shag her again though, just for the banter.

There were six of us lads all together and we stayed at the Triton from the 9th - 16th Sept ' It has lovely views of the mountains in the distance, along with plenty of sun loungers, table tennis and a bar a short walk away.

Gorgio, who worked in the evenings at the bar was a really friendly guy. The rep on the other hand, had a bit of an oversized ego for my liking but it was nothing a good exchange of banter didnt fix. He's a decent enough guy to be fair. He offered us a booze cruise, but we didnt go on it after others staying at the hotel warned us away from it Being as it was the tail end of the season he wasnt around for long anyway.

The food was ok. For an all enclusive it was what you would expect. Personally, i'm not a fussy eater at all. So it wasnt complaint worthy for me. But after the first day we all decided that we would eat out for the rest of the week. With the exception of grabbing toast and a few of the tastier bits in the morning to quell the hangover. Highly recommend 'The Red Lion'.

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They gave great service, and served great food with my drinks and dessert on the house for my birthday night. That brings me on to the night life. We didnt go right at the peak of the season, but after talking to one of guys who worked for that season as bar staff in Roadhouse, One of the bars on the main strip it seemed just as well.

Geordie Shore 12: Meet The New Lad & Lass Hittin' The Toon!

He told me that late July and early August the ratio of boys to girls was 7: And between late Aug early Sept it starts to chill and even itself out.

The vast majority of the bars are really great and offer good deals with drinks and great music. The clubs were absolutely outstanding. Plenty of poles and booths and dancefloor room and lights and brilliant music and dark corners need i say more.

meet banter lads and lasses

All of the clubs i went into i came out of feeling alive, happy, drunk and well and truly snogged. I live in Whitby. I've got a wife. I've got two kids who I love playing with and giving them the tools so that they are good human beings. I like to have good banter with my friends.

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I try to get as much out of life as possible, really. I surf when I can, I try to be active. I'm enthusiastic about my work. Tell us more about Warp It It's an online platform. It's that for business and large organisations, where staff may not know what each other has surplus to requirements. We set up these online marketplaces within large organisations so that staff can swap and trade surplus assets with each other.

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It saves procurement costs, it saves waste costs, and it stops the unnecessary purchase and manufacture of assets. This has far-reaching sustainability benefits because in the manufacturing process there's lots of waste and lots of carbon.

meet banter lads and lasses

If we stop manufacturing, we prevent those impacts as well. What inspired you to set up Warp It? I've worked in various roles where I was responsible for skips, which are the end-point for any waste's journey. I used to see large organisations throwing out skips full of chairs, desks, cupboards, cabinets, anything you would care to mention.

At the time there was no real way of redistributing these assets safely or conveniently in a beneficial way.

meet banter lads and lasses

So I set up Warp It. In that first year I managed to secure contracts with Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Council, and a couple of universities, which gave me enough finance, motivation and evidence to realise it was a proper business.

meet banter lads and lasses

I then started working full-time with WarpIt after its two-year incubation period. Warp It is such a cool name; how did you come up with it?

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Is Warp It a cool name? I have daily problems with the name Warp It. I'm on the phone all the time and when I say: It's an interesting story. I called the consultancy Waste Action and at the time my vision offering different software to offer my customers, so I called it Waste Action Reuse Portal, Warp, that's where the Warp came from. Then I had visions that Warp would be a verb. When people look for information, they Google it.

When people wanted to swap their assets, I wanted them to say they're going to "Warp It. What is the most sparkly bit of what you do? Every time I see a positive match on the system.

meet banter lads and lasses