Maddy and rhydian meet

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maddy and rhydian meet

Read story Maddy and Rhydian season 3 by alexiagalyen (Lexi) with What happens If Maddy meets Rhydian in the woods but Rhydian with another girl. Maddian (Maddy and Rhydian) is the romantic, shipped pairing of Rhydian Morris and Maddy Smith. They are also best friends. This is both a fan favourite and a. This contains a lot of Maddy and Rhydian moments as well as a bit of drama. Hopefully it will contain real meet now, not bloody likely.

This week is crazy band schedule with CBA regionals, my old band director will be there drama bomb then state and teaching middle school kids how to march. I watched Wolfblood with my little sister and I've been hooked ever since. What if Tom and Shannon were standing outside of Rhydian's door in Season 1 episode 5- Occam's razor.

I love this pairing so much I had to get them together in my story. If you don't like how I made the characters I'm sorry. I don't own Wolfblood if I did Maddy would have left with Rhydian and become wild Being Found Maddy slammed the door to the supply closet shut as Rhydian asked, "Where have you been. How are you going to get out without people missing you" Rhydian asks.

maddy and rhydian meet

Maddy explains her plan, but Rhydian is too busy staring at her neck. Her scent was intoxicating, how could he focus with her scent sending him into a dizzying frenzy.

At this time both Tom and Shannon met down the hall from Rhydian's closet. Let's go check in on them, yeah. When they reached the door they heard whispers and decided to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Tom and Shannon had two completely different theories running through their heads. Maddy helps Rhydian out and coaches him through Jeffries' interrogation. She makes him laugh by accident. Rhydian and Maddy hang out alone in the dark room. Maddy says Rhydian's not on his own, implying that he has them. Rhydian holds Maddy's arm as he escorts her outside. Maddy and Rhydian go running. They lay down on the ground in the forest pressed next to each other.

Maddy tells Rhydian she's thankful to have him. Rhydian hits the fire alarm when he sees Maddy changing as to bail her out.

Maddy defends Rhydian when Shannon starts yelling at him. Maddy sits with Rhydian outside. When Rhydian hears Maddy howl he runs to her straight away. He knows it's her and he wants to help. During the real fire Rhydian takes Maddy off Tom and sits her down.

Rhydian is concerned about Maddy and want Maddy to 'take it easy'. Occam's Razor Rhydian and Maddy run off together a lot throughout the episode. Maddy shares her lunch with Rhydian - she throws a chicken leg and he catches it with a smile. When Rhydian and Maddy don't show up at the priory, Tom says "they're probably smooching on a beach somewhere. Maddy doesn't want to leave Rhydian when he gets hurt. When the three Ks tell Maddy that Rhydian is her boyfriend she blushes and gets defensive immediately.

maddy and rhydian meet

Kara tells Maddy that Rhydian was showing off to her. I've done this loads of times".

Wolfblood--Series 3-- Maddy and Rhydian

I'll look after you. Rhydian holds Maddy's hand when they are about to transform. After Maddy has transformed, Rhydian looks down at her lovingly. They nuzzle each other when they are wolves. As wolves Rhydian knocks Tom and Shannon over so Maddy can escape.

Maddy and Rhydian playfully push into each other, and Rhydian gives Maddy a piggyback. Maddy hearing Becky's secret Rhydian and Maddy go running in the woods. Rhydian and Maddy are fighting and have their foreheads pressed together and Tom thinks they're about to kiss.

All 5th and 6th lesson I was too concentrated and reading Rhydian's eyes as he was mine. It's like we'd created our own little language between ourselves. I'm surprised Mr Jeffries hasn't noticed yet. Final bell goes and my heart is throbbing painfully. I was actually looking forward to running home with Rhydian, and then I remembered lunch time.

maddy and rhydian meet

Only instead of making my way home I actually hid in the tree line by the school so that I could watch. Al I kept seeing was Rhydian's strong, muscly arms appearing above everyone. He wasn't enjoying himself, I can tell. Luckily I make myself scares before they're finished and make my way home. Or so I thought, Rhydian caught up with e somehow and made me slow down to take to him.

I do have a good sense of smell," he replies. He just stares at me while I look at the damp forest floor trying to hide the grin.

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The sun has come out of nowhere and now we're both squinting against it. My stomach starts doing flips and it has spread to my chest.

Before I even realise it my other hand flies to my chest. I actually am struggling to keep my breath at a normal rate. He notices instantly and covers his other hand over mine.

Then suddenly he lifts my hand to his chest where his heart is pumping even faster than mine. This feels weird but so right at the same time. How could this be? We've been friends ever since the incident in the dark room on his first day, why change anything now? This wild love will live on. I know you feel it too Maddy. I just guess the wolves knew about it before we did," I say winking.