Kaneki and touka meet again headstone

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kaneki and touka meet again headstone

Tokyo Ghoul knows how to do a lot of things right. as she works as its manager, and Haise began to cry unconsciously when their eyes met. hero, and his strange interaction with Touka further proves Haise is Ken Kaneki. I literally want their ship name indented on my gravestone! I still want Touka to be her tsundere self and Kaneki to be his bookworm smart self, but he does have white hair in this fanfic so his . If they'd ever meet again, it won't be the same. Disclaimer: I do not own "Tokyo Ghoul" and make no legal claims to the associated manga, Her eyes were kept low, refusing to meet my gaze. Touka drew back a little and stroked my cheek with her hand. .. To the side of the winding mountain path, a small headstone was placed in memory of the.

The horse tiepin he originally gave to Arima for Christmas, which Hirako returns to him after Arima's death. Kaneki creates multiple ones to help him deal with situations.

From a young Kaneki as Haise, the Hide one for his friend he believes is deceased, and the numerous Kaneki ones based on different times of his life after he loses to Juuzou.

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He severely underestimates Furuta as an enemy. To the point he thinks having him in charge is more convenient.

kaneki and touka meet again headstone

Kaneki's actions since becoming he One Eyed King have all played into Furutas hands. Right down to gaining the resolve to kill and starts eating the Oggai and CCG members after Suzuya defeats him, becoming a "Dragon". I will push forward Good luck talking about Kaneki's story in: Quotes a poem from a book he gave to Arima to say goodbye to his mentor after Arima falls in battle.

This led to his powers degenerating, which along with his no killing rule put him at a major disadvantage in his fight against Juuzuo. Once he discards these moral restraints he becomes an unstoppable monster that easily slaughters the helpless CCG. Falling in love and protecting Touka slowly makes him realize that he does want to live after all. Would Hurt a Child: After being defeated and crippled in battle by Juuzou and Hanbee, and then having Rikai Souzu and Shio Ihei's severed heads dropped in front of him, he resolves to show his enemies no mercy whatsoever; and starts off by biting through Hajime's face and slaughtering him and the rest of the teenage Oggai.

And a child, at that. I won't forgive them. After defeating Arima, he takes the role of The One-Eyed King, becoming the new lynchpin of the revolution against the Washuu that Arima and Eto once led. Your Days Are Numbered: The more Kaneki uses his Kagune and Healing Factorthe faster he ages.

He could mitigate the ensuing cell division and aging process by taking in RC cells via cannibalism, but since he refuses to do so, he shows more and more symptoms of his body breaking down. This changes once he becomes Dragon. Take Hirako Voiced by: His squad was working on the Orochi Case, and was responsible for handling Sasaki should he lose control.

After the Auction, he finds himself given a rather abrupt transfer back to Arima's squad. In general, nearly everyone from the CCG is this, but he deserves a special mention as he is apparently just a human, who works with and under Half-Human Hybridsapparently one of the few normal people who can actually keep up with them.

Birds of a Feather: Arima took a liking to Hirako, as he claimed they both have that same "emptiness", which Hirako thinks is one of the reasons why Arima entrusted the Zero Squad to him. The Bus Came Back: He shows up at Cochlea, leading Zero Squad in Arima's place. He reveals to Kaneki that the squad has been entrusted with getting him to safety.

Of Hirako Squad, and with authority to give orders to the equally-ranked Mado and Shimoguchi. He formally resigns from the CCG, after secretly aiding in Arima's efforts to spark a revolution. Lao Tsu once said something to the effect of, "Those who don't know speak and reveal their foolishness, but those who do know keep their silence. Hirako on the other hand, refused to speak, hinting at his deeper understanding of the man.

Even though he's extremely skilled, for some reason he hasn't been promoted in the two years since the original series. And he's one of the few characters who isn't promoted after the Auction Arc, leading to two of his subordinates outranking him. He takes several knives to the arm and doesn't even flinch or slow down. Uta expresses disappointment at his lack of reaction to being stabbed, and shoves the knives into his arm in an effort to get a reaction.

After his transfer back to Squad Zero he started serving as "Squad Leader", in other words, Arima's second-in-command. Put On The Bus: He gets a transfer to the S3 Squad after the Auction Arc, leaving his squad in the hands of Kuramoto.

kaneki and touka meet again headstone

He provides a moderate voice that resolves the conflict between the Mado and Shimoguchi squads. As a result of his intervention, the Torso case is officially shared between the two teams. Discussed, with Uta suggesting that he secretly hates Arima.

Provides a Subversion, when Uta attempts this trick on him. That he doesn't hesitate for a second before wrecking the Ghoul's head — even wearing Arima's face — causes him to suggest that Hirako secretly resents his old partner.

He typically wears a dull expression, rarely showing any hint of emotion even when seriously injured or bidding farewell to a friend. Take This Job and Shove It: Hirako, wearing his usual blank expression, pulls out a Letter of Resignation in the middle of a battle and sets it in front of Kiyoko and Mougan. He then draws his quinque on them. Of all members of Goat, he is notable for being the only fighting human amongst them.

The others are either ghouls or hybrids. To Arima, it seems. He reveals to Kaneki that the Zero Squad will be aiding him in escaping Cochlea, because Arima asked them to help. All he wanted was for Arima to acknowledge him. He delivers three in very short order.

Entrusted with fulfilling his final wish, they have betrayed their masters and sworn their loyalty to Kaneki. Their heritage gives them enhanced physical abilities, but significantly shortens their lifespans. Carry a Big Stick: Rikai is highly-proficient with heavy weapons such as clubs. All three are recent graduates from the Garden, and far younger than is normal for a Ghoul Investigator.

kaneki and touka meet again headstone

Rikai is 16, Yusa is 15, and Shio is only 14 years old. Death of a Child: The deaths of Rikai and Shio are used by Furuta to help break Kaneki, and drive him over the edge. Hajime presents the heads of Shio and Rikai to Kaneki as a twisted "gift".

Coming Undone Chapter 3: Home, a tokyo ghoul/東京喰種トーキョーグール fanfic | FanFiction

Shio wields a pair of Quinque blades. Due to the Dead: The squad gather to say their goodbyes to Arima, kneeling around his body and weeping. Once they finish, Kaneki drives the hilt of Owl into the ground as a headstone, and kneels while reciting Hakushu as an eulogy. Yusa acts as the balance between stoic, rational Rikai and emotional, energetic Shio.

I don't own Tokyo Ghoul nor the image, they belong to Ishida Sui. It took me a while, but here it is, as promised, a chapter from Haise's perspective! Now, since chapter 9 and 10 are out, this fanfiction has officially become AU, but I hope you will still enjoy it: I made it extra long to cover most things I wanted. With this chapter, or actually a one-shot, I finish this Coming Undone series, but never fear!

I'll write more Touken in the future, including updates in my other fic He Didn't. I'll probably wait a little bit until I write more: Again, I hope you liked these three-shots, and thanks to everyone who reviewed, followed and put this fanfiction in their favorites, you don't know how much they mean to me!

There are spoilers for chapters 9 and 10 of: Re, mainly Touka's new look and a certain phrase Haise said that killed all of us Touken shippers.

Sorry it took too long, but I'm finally updating! I hope you enjoy this final chapter as you liked the other two. Thank you so much for your review!

Well, now that they finally met each other, I think Kaneki might finally recover his memories, and hopefully get together with Touka. We can only hope! I'm glad you do! I hope you like this final chapter too! Well, I've seen it as Tousaki haha. Haise figured this was her attempt at cheering him up, and for that he was grateful.

The last week and a half after the events with Serpent had been hard for him, and he had been feeling under-the-weather ever since. The voice inside his head had become very insistent lately as well, as if he knew he was weak right now. Managing his squad had been also rather difficult, especially since Urie was being more rebellious and insulting than before.

Haise would never say it to anyone, but hearing Urie's contempt in his voice when he had referred to him as a ghoul had really hurt him. Haise certainly needed the distraction Akira had conveniently provided him.

Few people actually came in on a regular basis, so, as Akira had put it, Haise could feel comfortable there. The first thing he noticed when he entered was that it was in fact pretty much empty, except for an old couple, some teens possibly having a study date, and a girl sitting by herself, reading a book.

Akira started walking and chose to sit in the table nearby the lonely girl, but he remained standing, observing the establishment with some sort of fascination. He felt nostalgic for some reason. Stop spacing out and sit down already!

She certainly acts like my mother. Akira turned to him with a blank expression and said, "Maybe I will. Haise blinked twice, and then started laughing along with Akira.

kaneki and touka meet again headstone

Turning around he found the lonely girl from before staring at him, and his whole world suddenly stopped. She was breathtakingly beautiful, that was the only way to describe her. She had short hair, her bangs covering her right eye, and the eye he could see was dove like, and there was something in it that shook him to his core. She looked extremely familiar. Let me in, Haise.

Let me see her! The voice inside himself screamed at him, but he ignored it. He shook his head, and noticing the girl was still looking at him, she smiled at her. To his disappointment, the girl turned away from him, and continued reading a Tatsuki Sen book, he noticed. She was looking at him with an amused expression. Let's order some coffee! Akira didn't say anything and they both ordered their stuff. After some time, Haise heard the girl getting up, so he turned to look at her, his eyes following her until she left the coffee shop.

Then, he heard a chuckled coming from Akira. Let me see HER! That pretty girl from the coffee shop remained in his head all day. He had a feeling that he needed to see her again for some reason, totally not because the voice in his head kept saying he had to see her.

He sat down in a table and waited for a while, until he saw her entering the coffee shop. To his delight, this mystery girl sat down in a table near his. Not missing a second, he gestured to the waitress to give the girl the coffee he had ordered for her. I hope she likes black coffee.

kaneki and touka meet again headstone

Haise saw her surprise when the waitress put a cup of coffee on her table. I hope she doesn't think I'm a creep. Once the waitress left, he took the opportunity of sitting in front the girl, taking his coffee with him. The girl looked at him with a dumbfounded expression and he couldn't help but smile.

Yep, she's definitely crept out. Please don't run away. She looks so cute. His mystery girl blinked at him and remained quiet. Haise wasn't sure if she was trying to think about what else to say to keep the conversation going, or if she was mentally planning how to escape from him.

He certainly hoped it was the former instead of the latter. After some time had passed, he decided to break the ice with a topic that could interest her, and keep her from running away. You like Takatsuki Sen? To his surprise, she didn't seem offended in the least, and said, "I don't like her too much. I fail to understand all the metaphors. I really suck at literature. When she remained silent, Haise realized something: She probably really thought he was creepy and was only humoring him until the police arrived!

Trying to remain calm, though still very much embarrassed, he apologized to her, "I'm sorry, I just sat down here and started talking without introducing myself. What a beautiful name! He thought, and then decided to taste the sound of her name, "Touka…" He whispered, and then a thought hit him. He barely saw the silhouette of a girl and heard his voice saying Touka-chan.

Unknowingly to him, he had whispered that second bit. Getting off of his reverie he saw Kirishima-san looking at him with a weird expression. She didn't even want revenge to the Dove who killed her mother. Do you want to revenge Kaneki? If you fight then you must prepare to be hurt and the worst you could die, are you ready for that? Are you still willing to learn? Yomo saw her eyes. She saw unwavering resolve in her glowing eyes.

For now go home and rest, you seem in bad shape today. If they are ready to face the consequences then I will help them, no matter who they are". Yomo cut her before she finished her word. Of course she remember clearly all his lesson. She knew that he was right, but…. I very sure that fool Kaneki don't want you to step on battlefield againt those bastard Dove or Aogiri Tree?

This time I will fight together with them. Hearing her answer, Touka had no choice but to give up. She knew that it was impossible to stop her now. I have enough losing people close to me.