Kagura and kamui meet the parents

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kagura and kamui meet the parents

Arrange a meeting between two families of course! But what happened in Gintoki has always disapproved the idea of Kagura having a boyfriend. It feels wrong "He's that girl's father so he should at least be here." Hijikata. Unfortunately, their usual baby-sitter, Sakata Gintoki, Kagura's father, was her to a restaurant for a marriage meeting that her uncle arranged. So while my Okita x Kagura x Kamui work is being processed, I'd like to .. you'd spend your whole life with her, take her to meet your parents.

But at the end of the case, she slips him a strawberry lollipop and a picture of a young boy and middle-aged woman, both of whom are smiling brightly at the camera in front of a convenience store. Kagura and Shinpachi wonder who would give them coupon for a lifetime of free onigiri at a particular store, but they're not complaining. The woman sees him as he's entering the store and drags him by his hand.

The boy, who looks whole and healthy gives him another hug, and this time, Gintoki can't feel the boy's ribs. As the boy bounds off to where Kagura and Shinpachi are, the woman eyes him fondly and looks at the two teenagers who entertain the boy with a game of Magical Banana.

Gintoki learns this four months into letting the girl stay in his closet. She wakes up screaming bloody murder, calling for Mami and Kamui-nii. Never once does she shout for her father. It gets so bad, Gintoki lifts her out of her closet every night and lets her sleep on his futon, not caring that she sobs into his shoulder, or wipes her snotty nose into his shirt.

He listens to her cry herself to sleep before dozing off himself. When dawn comes, and the first rays of sunlight hit his face, he transfers Kagura back to her 'bed', knowing that she won't be waking up anytime soon. He's content in letting her manhandle him a few hours later. Every morning, she asks why he's such a lazy bum who can't bring himself to wake up at the reasonable hour of 8: Every morning, he responds that he's secretly a spy who only does his missions in the dead of night.

It's their morning ritual which Gintoki is perfectly happy with, even though it means that he only gets around three good hours of sleep. When Otose finally asks why he looks like a panda one day, Gintoki tells her the truth, admitting that he's going to need some help with this.

It's been nearly a year since Kagura's been with him, and the problem hadn't gone away yet. Otose looks at him with something that can only be described as pride, and it has Gintoki's chest aching because how long had it been since someone had looked at him that way? She's a little demon and you and I both know it. He glances at his landlady who just snorts but drops the subject.

It'll be less awkward for Kagura-chan that way. Gintoki ignores most of the conversation until Otose flicks his forehead, a sly smile on her face. He flips the old hag the bird and storms out of the bar, his heart clenching as he catches Otose's muffled words. Shinpachi already knows what Kagura goes through nearly every night, having witnessed it many times before.

Their loyal dog lies in front of the sofa, acting as a foot rest. Kagura doesn't answer at first. She's mortified to know that her night terrors still haven't gone away, and that Gin-chan knew about them since the beginning. When she learns what he does for her, she stops herself from jumping into his strong arms and falling asleep right there and then.

Shinpachi shifts closer to her so that their legs are touching. The session goes on for another two hours as Kagura talks and talks, finally unleashing years of pent up emotions towards her brother and father and how they abandoned her and her mother completely. She tells them how her brother forced her to fight the stronger Yato to prove her worth to him.

She tells them how he left her lying in a pool of her own blood, sneering at her supposed weakness. She tells them that her dying mother used the last of her strength to help her recover, before breathing her last when Kagura was only five. He was never there for me when I needed it. He never saw me grow up. She sneaks a peak at the man next to her, surprised to see that he looked shocked. The counselor nods, glancing at the silver-haired man sitting next to her.

He's tense and fidgety, but all of his attention is focused on the little girl who is now snuggled into his side. She is quiet for a few moments, as if taking time to process what she had heard.

kagura and kamui meet the parents

She slings her arms around both of the male's necks and pulls them towards her, a wide grin on her face. The dog beneath all of them yips in agreement and thumps his tail, rattling the entire apartment.

The old man can feel his heart warm at the scene in front of him, and knows his work here is done. He shakes hands with the young samurai who looks like a weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

The younger male bows deeply, and forces the girl to do the same. He is surprised when she embraces him instead, but pats her head dutifully. At the end of the day though, they're just kids, and it's my job as the adult to care for them and help them grow. But I can't do it alone. You do so much, and expect so little in return. He knows that he loves both of them, loves everyone in this bar, well, except for Catherine.

But even the cat burglar is someone who he would kill for. He's never been good with emotions, not since Shouyou. He prefers to show how he cares in subtle actions. When night falls that day, Gintoki sets up a futon right in their living room.

Shinpachi and Kagura are on either side of him with Sadaharu curled up by their feet. Shinpachi's arm is thrown over his chest, and Kagura's legs rest over Gintoki's torso, her feet digging into Shinpachi's side. It's awkward and somewhat painful, but comfortable at the same time. It perfectly sums up their family, he thinks. Gintoki goes to sleep that night knowing that Kagura's going to be just fine. The next morning, he's surprised to see a framed picture of himself, the kids, and Sadaharu while they were sleeping resting on a shelf in the bar.

Catherine was a better infiltrator than he thought. Gintoki catches Otose's eyes, rolling his own when she raises a knowing eyebrow at him. Gintoki doesn't say anything for a few minutes. He's lost in his own thoughts, and Otose knows this. Shinpachi was sixteen and had been for the past 13 years since the Manga had first begun. He needed a better outlet for that frustration. Why did everyone assume this was for his son? Kondo and Hijikata had better control their kid before Gintoki accidentally neutered him.

His fingers snake towards Lake Toya on instinct. The attendant chuckles, finally done. Gintoki raises an eye at the price, but pays without complaint. Porn was worth every penny. That woman would take her time killing him if she ever found out. The boy shakes his head, and enlists Gintoki's help in turning his room into the perfect porn paradise.

Thirty minutes later, both of them are pleased with their work and grinning like loons as they look at pictures of naked women together. Both of their noses are sluggishly dripping blood, but they don't care. After ten more minutes, Shinpachi lets out a tired sigh and flops back on his bed.

Shinpachi's eyes shine with curiosity as well as trepidation. Shinpachi thrown himself off of his bed and picks up his practice sword, swinging it expertly. Did you do the same? In the end, he sees how serious Shinpachi looks and decides that he can't lie to the eyes of a fellow samurai. Gintoki doesn't talk much about his past, leaving him and Kagura in the dark about most of the war.

All the teenager knows is that Gintoki is knows as the Shiroyasha, an almost legendary figure from the war who fought alongside Takasugi, Katsura, and Sakamoto. Shinpachi also knows that a lot of people, including the Shinsengumi know of Gintoki's true identity, but don't do much about it, preferring to observe and even respect him from a distance. The older man had gone through something unimaginable, something which he doesn't want the children in his life to go through.

Gintoki looks pained, but exhales slowly and answers anyway. Gintoki is resting his head against the wall, his bangs covering his eyes. What had happened all those years ago that had made someone that young take up the sword and risk his own life?

Shinpachi thinks, recalling all the times when Gintoki had swung his sword in order to protect what he loved. That man had even taken on the ex-Shogun in order to keep his promise to Suzuran! He had attacked an entire government for the sake of one woman!

The older man laughs bitterly, flipping through another porn magazine feigned interest. To get that person back.

kagura and kamui meet the parents

Wisely, he lets it go at that point, mentally noting to research the war in greater detail. Seconds later, Shinpachi is hit in the face with a magazine and Gintoki is standing over him with a shit-eating grin.

Don't ruin it by bringing up things of the past! Three days later, he's standing in the very shop that Gintoki had bought the porn for, glancing wearily here and there, waiting for his sister to come and slap him silly. Sixteen was the age that you had to be to enter the store. Shinpachi stares at the older man blankly, almost dropping the racy magazine that was thrust into his hand. Shinpachi clears his throat and dazedly nods.

His own father had died when he had been incredibly young, and he loved his sister, but she wasn't a male role model, no matter how flat her chest was. Hajime-nii was great, but no matter how close they were, there was always distance between them.

kagura and kamui meet the parents

The man was a near-diabetic, pachinko loving, walking contradiction, but he was also a samurai. The greatest samurai that Shinpachi knows. Before Gintoki had come along, Shinpachi was just a pair of glasses wearing a human. Now, he's a human wearing a pair of glasses. He learned what a family really was, learned that things are easier if you have people to share your burden with, learned that not speaking out in the face of injustice is the same as condoning it, and learned that strength means nothing if you don't use it for the right reasons.

Gintoki doesn't seem like much at first glance, but everyone who meets him agrees that there's something about him that you can't help but be drawn too.

He's always there if you need a hand, even if his methods for helping you are unorthodox. Wasn't that what a father did? And as he exits the store, the boy had the largest grin on his face. Because this was so going to be the greatest blackmail material ever. He couldn't wait to go tell daddy dearest what had just happened. And one time he said yes If someone asked Sakata Gintoki what he would be doing a decade after the war, he definitely wouldn't have said that he would be shuffling his feet at the International Space Terminal, waiting for two people to come home.

Against all the odds, they had won. The Tendoshu were gone. The position of the Shogun was essentially null and void, with Matsudaira taking control of much of the military and trying to fill the gap that the old Bakufu had created. That was two years ago. Japan was leaning more towards a Constitutional Monarchy, with the Emperor being a figure head, which he always was, while the people elected candidates who they thought would be best to lead.

It was new, but the idea was catching on. The Shinsengumi was the top enforcer of the law in Edo, with their white-clad counterparts moving to Kyoto to serve under the Emperor. To everyone's surprise, Katsura became Chief Adviser to Matsudaira. To no one's surprise save for Gintoki's, he now had the dubious honor of being the "Leader" of Kabuki-Cho, meaning he made most of the important decisions. Close by neighborhoods had merged into Kabuki-Cho as well, making it look less like the land of outlaws and more into a civilized town.

The ground screeched notably from the scraping as he had recoiled by a couple of meters, trying to cease the stream of blood on his forehead from the impact. Shut up and face your married life with me you bastard!

Propose to your chosen mate through a battle. Had enough yet, Bakaiser?! Their little engagement ritual had been going on for hours—no, for an entire day but neither party was willing to surrender.

Kamui (Gintama)

The unending brawl had beckoned an ocean of audience, eager to witness the tragic drama, or to better put it, war to the death between two psychotic, hormonal young lovers as put by Gintoki who had later awoke to discover this unsurprising fiasco and is currently handing out snacks and beverages, using the occurrence as a chance at gaining money. Shinpachi, on the other hand had literally smothered his face to the nearest wall and instead of aiding Gintoki with his illegal business, decided to cheer Kagura on from the sidelines.

Kondo, who had happened to have strolled by while tailing his precious female gorilla had caught sight of the scene and is now rooting for Okita, aka his grown up son. Without food or water for the entire time, it seemed like a heavy challenge, but the weight of the circumstance leaned more on Kagura's part. And just on cue, a low rumble had erupted from her belly. The monster in your stomach is begging for food. Or would you rather die from this fight out of starvation?

It's just that it's getting really warm here that my body is bothered. That earned a chorus of pleased wolf whistles from the viewers and a triumphant smile was plastered on her face upon the subtle darting of Okita's stare from the slope of her slim neck down to the groove of her cleavage, all glistened in sweat.

Allure him with your natural female charm in the process. She hoisted up her arms and did a casual stretch, aiming to pose in a suggestive manner.

Though his seeable appearance was not hinted even with the tiniest bit of interest, she knew she had him where she wanted him. If you're trying to seduce me well it's not working. It's like watching Danna getting his legs shaved. He hissed both from torment and outrage, toppling over to the opposite direction and coming contact with land face first.

Before he could even recompose himself, she'd hastily hovered on top of him and flipped him over so he was resting on his back. As fast as she had entrapped him, her petite hand had caught both his wrists and situated them above his head while her other one was gripping her parasol menacingly against his neck. His attempt to knock her off of him with his foot had failed to happen, upon the soft sensation of her thigh lightly stroking his crotch.

The action had him momentarily squeeze his vision shut and he suppressed a groan. His vindictive look glazed with haze clashed with her seemingly innocent expession. Her hold on him was unyielding and his natural weakness as a man was held against him. She had him in her mercy. She ascended herself and mimicked the motion of his lips to her ear earlier.

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And last but not least… "Wo ai ni. And he just lied there, gaping at her with the most expressionless and dumbfounded look. You know I don't understand your alien language. I clearly defeated you when you're just laying here like a dead fish! You used dirty tactics to have your victory. That's not fair, China. How could you stoop so low? Even I didn't use your female weakness against you. Oh wait, that's right, because you can't even be considered as a part of the female gender.

His back was promptly facing her, seemingly about to depart. Now you have no choice but to—" "And all of this effort is nothing but a waste. His expectation of her latching on his back and pounding him endlessly had been dissipated into the air as he witnessed the mild picture of despair and stupor on her face that slowly, took a turn for the worse.

He refused to watch anymore. Why did he have regard her with that look? There's plenty of fish in the whole damn—" "And now it's time for you to face my consequence. But there's no way in hell I'd agree to be a lab rat of your sadistic toys!

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What kind of consequence is that? Are you planning on burying me alive you sick whacko?! The crowd had been submerged in an uncomfortable state of silence, until Gintoki had tossed the food and drinks away from his grasp and declared, "Yosh, get out of here everyone, shows over nothing to see here.

How could you do that to a maiden's heart? Shinpachi had briskly bolted to Kagura's side, knowing that something was out of place by the way she was behaving.

What exactly happened between you and Okita-san? He halted his movements and watched her with dull, disbelieving eyes. Now I'll really go bankrupt and eat bread crusts for the rest of my life. After the berserk circus Kagura had taken part in, she forcefully made Gintoki transport her on his back, despite the fact that he had already voluntarily agreed to take her out on an eat-all-you-can buffet, aware of her misery.

A deafening absence of sound promptly emerged. I don't mind if he doesn't want to marry me…there are lots of other guys in the world. But the problem is I guess…" She nestled her porcelain face on the silver haired man's shoulder, feeling the clear liquid about to prick her gaze.

Her fruitless attempt at lulling her sobs echoed in her now irked companions' ears. Despite being ignorant of the entire issue, both of them created a mental note of bashing Okita's head off as soon as they meet once more. Just remember that we're here for you, no matter what happens. Detecting her out of the blue rigidness, he asked.

We can talk this out! Stop right there, earnest? Pfft, not a chance. She merely wanted this monkey business to be over with. So she leisurely took her time into arriving there and before she knew it, she was already treading the moonlit, final resting place of humans. The nippy breeze blended well with the eerie texture of the place, as if something right in that moment would pull her into the underworld. Slightly spooked as she may be, her gaze searched the area as she ambled, intent on finding her rival who had instructed her to go there.