Hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet episode speakers

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hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet episode speakers

In what episode does Toshiro Hitsugaya meet Rangiku? In what episode does . meet rangiku? The first time they have a face-to-face scene is in episode Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor - T. Hitsugaya, R. Matsumoto - Chapters: 3 - Words: . He picked up the first document and briefly scanned it. This invokes a flashback showing how Soi Fong and Yoruichi first met and .. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, with the help of the 10th division, are pursuing Koga. Rukia, after speaking with her captain and third seats, heads to Karakura town.

The more tattoos, the more manly! No girl can resist this! The girls are going to collapse with laughter when they see you. Renji headed for the door.

Now sit down and do your paperwork. How can you be so cruel? Have you never been in love? Now get to your work. Hitsugaya took the documents from him and briefly checked them over. I wasn't aware we had a squad member named Rukia.

You wrote the name 'Rukia' into every document at least twice and neither of them had anything to do with her! I can't help it! I can't stop thinking about her. Yet he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd end up redoing the documents himself. There was no way his vice-captain would stop mooning over his crush for long enough.

Therefore he was not surprised when he found the paperwork filled perfectly, but with little hearts decorating the corners. The paperwork had been tough, so he needed his rest. Fortunately he had a competent lieutenant who did his share so he had the time to rest. He had heard about some of the other vice-captains and their less-then-enthusiastic approach when it came to bureaucracy. He sincerely pitied their captains.

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He wasn't sure he could have survived if he had to do all of the work himself. He considered himself lucky. His adjutant might not be the brightest or strongest out there and he was concerned about his manliness more than was healthy, but at least he did whatever Hitsugaya told him to.

Then suddenly his dreams were interrupted by a crushing weight. He awoke with a squeal. It was utterly undignified for a captain to squeal, but he just couldn't help it. Who wouldn't squeal when something so heavy suddenly landed on him? A shout answered him and the weight disappeared, but his ribs still hurt with every breath he took.

He blinked at the man standing above him. You should try them too! I don't care about your fashion or your loser society and I'm not trying on any of your ridiculous sunglasses! You aren't getting any manlier, you only look like a clown.

Which episode of Bleach does Hitsugaya first meet Rangiku?

This is the third time it happened. She was smart, diligent with her paperwork, strong and fierce in battle, and to top it off good-looking.

hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet episode speakers

Everybody agreed that Hitsugaya was extremely lucky to have her as his second. And Hitsugaya-taichou agreed as well. She was the near-perfect lieutenant. Are you finished yet? He had worked relentlessly through the night and now only twenty documents remained to be dealt with. Everything has to be filled and signed in time! I'll complete it in no time. In fact, I don't remember it happening at all. And if it happens, what then?

And if nobody reprimands you, you'll do it again and again until you'll turn into a complete slacker who won't do his paperwork at all! Once you step on the slippery slope, there is no way back up! You'll slowly slide all the way down! And the Gotei 13 doesn't need another lazy slacker of a captain! It wasn't his best calligraphic achievement, but he couldn't imagine how anybody would have trouble reading it.

If you don't stop it now, you'd soon degenerate into chicken scratch! And from there would be just a step to drinking and womanizing How many times do I have to repeat I'm not your previous captain before you finally get it? For once, I don't drink. And I can't stand to see it. Any bad habits you'd pick in your young age will multiply tenfold once you'll grow up. So please, captain, redo this report, and this time as it should be.

Not only is the handwriting unruly, but the stamp is two millimeters off the mark. Even his courage had its limits. The ink is a bit smudged there. You really shouldn't cross something out on an official document. Today had been a good day. All the paperwork had been finished two days in advance, the drills with the squad had gone smoothly and he had a lot of time for his personal training left, and all of that was thanks to his almost-perfect lieutenant. Now it was evening and he was tired, wanting only to sleep and get his well-deserved rest.

He snuggled comfortably into his pillow, waiting for sleep to take him. Just as he had finally drifted off, a terrible sound jolted him back to awareness. He bolted upright, grabbing the hilt of Hyourinmaru, looking around for the attacking Hollow. It took him a second to realize that there was no foul reiatsu around.

Just when he was about to dismiss it as a part of his dream, the screech sounded again. He grimaced in pain. The sound was piercing through his ears, flying straight into his brain and running around inside his scull, making his teeth vibrate and his eyes water with pain. He had heard the screeches of souls being devoured by Hollows, Hollows being purified, damned souls being dragged to Hell, but he had never heard something so horrible.

He tried to determine where the cacophony originated from, but it was very difficult. It seemed to be coming from all directions at once. But maybe if he concentrated harder He almost had it when the sound returned with double the volume and all his concentration went out of the window. He could only smack his palms on his ears and bite his lip to prevent from crying out loud. But as the sound was dying down, he thought that among all the echoes he was able to tell where did it come from.

The source seemed to be in the next room. He stood up, Hyourinmaru in hand, and started to deal with the problem. It was a tedious walk. The sound was affecting his sense of balance and he fell four times before he finally made it to the door of the next room.

He paused for a moment to compose himself and then slid the door open. And promptly fell to his knees as the sound attacked him directly, without being muffled by any walls. Can you hear me, captain? His head was still reeling from the last hit with the sound of doom. You collapsed so suddenly. Should I call the Fourth? If Hitsugaya wasn't so preoccupied with his hurting ears, he might have noticed a slightly guilty expression on his face.

It was coming from your room. The air was once again filled by the screech of thousands of damned souls screaming in Hell. Hitsugaya shrieked and collapsed again. Come play with me, Snowball-chan! She yanked his hair hard. He suppressed a groan. He hated it when she did this. He put so much effort into being treated like an adult and she always ruined his painstakingly built image so easily.

People called them the Mini-duo or the Kindergarten. And the worst thing was that Yachiru liked it. He absolutely loathed it. He scowled murderously at the trio of shinigami pointing at them and snickering. Hitsugaya swatted Yachiru's hand from his face. I don't get why, because he is. The pink-haired girl didn't obey. The three men started laughing. Hitsugaya twitched and reached for Hyourinmaru's hilt. Slash them into pieces! Choke them with their guts!

Cheering on a battle was one thing she was really good in. But this one was one of my favorites - Ikkaku takes over the training of a high school kendo team. Oops, I said already. The part at the end when the shinigami get involved in the tournament.

Monster Bleach Episode All right. So those first three I am vaguely ambivalent about if I were rewatching Bleach, I may or may not rewatch thembut these last seven I genuinely like.

In this episode, Ichigo has a dream that he and all of his friends are monsters. Well, the Ishida part to be honest, but I just want to say something else: The Kite Episode Episode Oh hey, this is topical.

I just did a list about this episode. Anyway, this episode is a lot of fun. Hitsugaya trying to rescue Hinamori. The Obligatory Beach Episode Episode As far as I know, this was an episode written around a drawing Tite Kubo did of the Bleach ladies at the beach in sexy swimwear. Season 5 Tuesday, August 8th, 1: Enter the World of the Shinigami, Again Ichigo and the others go through the Soul Society trying to find the Bount who are causing the shinigami captains some trouble. Later Rukia meets an oppenent she recognizes well.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2: Assault of the Bounts! Chaos in the Gotei 13 Divisions Rukia battles a Bount, but without her Zanpaktou it wont be an easy battle. Tuesday, August 22nd, 3: They figure out it was well placed bombs.

As Jin goes to Kusajishi 79th district to look for some people to over take the Soul Society. Koga and Ichinose help Jin battle people. Meanwhile, back at the Kuchiki mansion, they are healing up Rukia from the last fight. Ichigo, Ririn, Orihime and Claude are there. They ask for Byakuya's help, he refuses, telling them to go home. They head towards the Shiba's house, and Kuukaku hears news for Ganju friends.

She makes them leave on boars, they get lost.

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Also Jin and his gang sense a spiritual pressure, and Jin goes out to investigate it because of its strength. He and Byakuya met and exchange words. Tuesday, September 5th, 4: Byakuya Takes the Field! During the fight it seems as if they are evenly matched. Tuesday, September 12th, 5: Ichigo, Byakuya and Kariya contiune there battle. As they battle they are interupted by by Ran'tao.

Koga comes and saves Kariya. Byakuya leaves to hunt him down. Ishida finds the battle ground, and then Ran'tao takes Ichigo and Ishida to explain about the Bount. Tuesday, September 19th, 6: Wednesday, October 4th, 7: Ichinose Maki Just as the fight between Ichinose and the gang including Ichigo and Captain Hitsugaya begins, they are suddenly interrupted by someone very powerful. Ichinose finally fights his ultimate battle against Zaraki Kenpachi with all the power he's got, but after being struck with few reality checks, he's stuck with death.

Wednesday, October 11th, 8: The Uncontrollable Power The episode starts with Jidanbou the gate's guard being defeated and the rebels along with the bountos opening the gate of soul society. The bountos get rid of the rebels. Later, Ichigo and the gang follow. Though injured, Jidanbou opens the gate so the gang could pass through, Inoue stays behind to heal him. Kariya tells Mabashi and Yoshi to create a diversion in Soul Society and confuse the captains so he could start working on his plan.

A meeting for the captains is held, and Hitsugaya is releaved from his position for the moment. Mabashi starts creating the diversion, and attacks squads, then he attacks Soi Fon.

Wednesday, October 18th, 9: The Last of the Secret Mobile Corps In this episode, Mabashi uses his doll to control the shinigamis and make them attack others. Captain Unahana tries to heal them but discovers that the only way to save those shinigamis is by capturing the puppet master who is Mabashi. Mabashi poisons Soi Fong who weakens, and then leaves her to die. Mabashi comes back to torture Soi Fong more before she dies, but Soi Fong has a big surprise for him that ends his life.

Wednesday, October 25th, Mayuri tries to tempt Sawatari to become a test subject. So Mayuri can get all the information on the Bount. Sawatari refuses and he is seems to have the edge over Mayuri, but Mayuri find the upper hand. Using his bankai, the battle between two gaint demons continues. Wednesday, November 8th, The Exploding Power Jin breaks into the bureacy of technology while Ishida begins his battle with the Bounto.

hitsugaya and matsumoto first meet episode speakers

Why did Jin break in? And who will win the battle between a Quincy and a Bounto? Wednesday, November 15th, Ishida, Exceeding the Limits to Attack! Ishida's battle with Yoshi contiunes and he is still struggling, but Ishida finds one thing that helps him in his battle by accident. Elsewhere in the Soul Society, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th division captains have a meeting to discuss how to beat Kariya. They also learn they have less then a day left. Well Koga and Kariya finally get back together and Koga starts to question Kariya plans.

Kariya attacks Koga and thanks him for serving him all this years. Ukitake, finds something about Ran'Tao's work and Shunsui is now helping him looking up the information. Now Koga healed himself and is going to head somewhere, to hopefully stop Kirya. Wednesday, November 22nd, The Release of Hyourinmaru Hitsugaya and Matsumoto, with the help of the 10th division, are pursuing Koga.

Koga easily defeats several 10th division units before finally meeting and fighting captain Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya quickly overpowers Koga's doll, Daruku, freezing and shattering her. Koga then reveals an axe which he tells Hitsugaya is Daruku's core. Koga, now armed with Daruku's core, then proceeds to fight Hitsugaya. Soon, Koga's body appears to be unable to support the large amount of spirit power he's been absorbing throughout the fight.

Koga manages to launch a final attack on Hitsugaya, and Hitsugaya slashes him in the stomach. Koga, dying, then briefly reveals his motives, "a future without war", and then falls to the ground, where he gets buried in ice left over from the preceding battle. Wednesday, November 29th, Countdown to the Detonation Hitsugaya starts to rest up at his division base after his battle with Koga.

He finds Ichigo and crew trying to heal up Ishida. The 10th division has a party to sooth things out. As Nanao tells Yamamoto about more about Jokaisho and Ran'tao. Then we learn more about Ran'tao past.

As Ran'tao tries to stop Kariya from destorying he attacks with his wind power. Wednesday, December 6th, Ishida, the Ultimate Choice Kariya explains the background of his past as a Bounto and how the Shinigami betrayed and slaughtered all of his companions. As Kariya begins to attack Ran Tao, Ishida jumps and fights instead. After some really cool fight scenes, it becomes apparent that Ishida's battle accessory has reached its limit.

Ran Tao manages to hold Kariya still long enough for Ishida to fire off a powerful. Ishida holds back and Kariya lives. Ran Tao's reiatsu goes out of control and Ishida absorbs all her spirit particles and fires them off in one shot toward the sky. This causes his accessory to break and Ishida once again loses his powers. Luckily Ran Tao survives and Ichigo arrives just in time to save the day. Wednesday, December 13th, Ichigo saves them and goes bankai and battles Kariya, they both release powerful attacks.

Hitsugaya and Matsumoto check up and Ran'tao tells them more about Jokaisho, that there is 10 more and the seal are rusty and it is going to take a lot of kidou to reseal them. Basically all captains and high ranked officers in the Gotei 13 are told to seal them right away. As this happens, Ichinose's finally works his way to where Ichigo and Kariya is battling and ask about Koga and the other Bount as he attacks Ichigo.

Ichinose tries to talk Kariya, in his true goal that he really wanted. To fix the Soul Society so it would be a better place or he would kill him. Kariya doesn't care and attacks Ichinose. Kariya releases his doll Messer and the true battle starts. Wednesday, December 20th, The Last Clash Ichigo and Kariya battles contiunes and ends. As the other shinigami's try to seal the other Jokaisho's.

Ichigo's friends, including Byakuya show up at different times, but try not to cut into Ichigo's fight. Can Ichigo save the Soul Society or will Kariya's plans actually go through. Thursday, January 4th, Renji, Rukia and Ichigo started to think about Kariya and his goals, and how it somehow related to theirs lifes. Season 6 Wednesday, January 10th, 1: Reopening of the Substitute Business!

The Terrifying Transfer Student Ichigo returns to the real world and is back in school. He meets up with his high buddies. His shinigami badge goes off and he runs out to slay a Hollow, along with Inoue and Chad. They talk about Ishida's lost powers and if he can get it back.

As they run off a mysterious stranger appearances above Ichigo. Kon starts ranting how he wants out of his plushie form, and the badge goes off so Kon gets Ichigo's body. They talk about a hollow mask and a zanpakotou. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, Kon is attacked by the Grand Fisher, who's appearance has changed.

As Ishida is attacked by Menos type hollow and trying to battle it, when some one helps Ishida. Who is it and why is he helping Ishida? Wednesday, January 17th, 2: They get help from someone they would have never expected to help them. Uryu is surprised that his helper was able to finish off the Menos type Hollow, in 3 hits. Kon is surprised who defends him, from the attack of the Grand Fisher who is now an Arrancar.

Wednesday, January 24th, 3: They all take off, because Ichigo is coming there way. Hirako is still trying to talk Ichigo into joining the group called Vizards, and isn't doing a good job, so Sarugaki Hiyori comes to make Hirako do his job, as Chad and Orihime follow him. Wednesday, January 31st, 4: Prelude to the Apocalypse, the Arrancar Offensive! Life goes on for Ichigo, but he is way depressed over the Vizard thing and his Hollow taking over him.

Toshiro and rangiku funny moment

After hearing his Hollow saying he is going to take over him, Karin comes in and says she knows about Ichigo being a Shinigami. As she is telling this, two mysteriously strong spiritual powers shake the whole town, making Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime go check it out.

It turns out to be two Arrancar's attacking, named Ulquiorra and Yami. Yami sucks out a lot of souls, in the town. Orihime and Chad get there first and Chad tries to fight Yami.

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Chad doesn't even put up a fight, and is injured really bad by one blow from Yami. Orihime heals him, and tries to fight Yami, and she is about to be killed by Yami when Ichigo shows up. Wednesday, February 7th, 5: Urahara and Yourichi come to aid, Ichigo and his friends, and they get the upper hand, when Ulquiorra decides to leave, because his mission for Aizen is done.

Meanwhile, well everyone is healing. Ichigo gets really depressed because he couldn't save his friends from injuries. Well a surprise group comes to help him, from the Soul Society. They are there for battle the new threat, Arrancars. Wednesday, February 14th, 6: The Shinigamis Who Came Rukia helps Ichigo over comes, his depression, from not being able to help his friends and getting beat up by the Arrancars.

Afterwards the Shinigami group that came down to Earth for help the upcoming battle, tells Ichigo what kind of Menos they are battling. Wednesday, February 21st, 7: When Grimmjow questions why his didn't kill Ichigo, Uriquiorra explains Aizen's concerns about Ichigo's power.

Later, Matsumoto talks to Orihime about why she has been so depressed recently. Wednesday, February 28th, 8: After Rukia learns what he said, she asks him to do the same thing and shows him her true power. Meanwhile Keigo makes a deal with Ikkaku; After Ikkaku saves him from the Arrancar Keigo will provide him with a place to stay.

Wednesday, March 7th, 9: The Arrancar is forced to unshealth his Zanpakutou after Ikkaku hears his boast about having steel skin. Keigo asks why Yumichika doesn't help, and learns that Ikkaku is having fun fighting.

Ikkaku is able to switch hands between scabbard and sword, surprising the Arrancar who thinks he uses simple tactics. Meanwhile, Grimmjow easily cripples Rukia, leaving only Ichigo. Edorad explains that the Arrancar's zanpakutou is the opposite of the Shinigami's and allows the Arrancar to reach their true forms. Ikkaku is blown off with a single strike of Volcanica. Yumichika calls Soul Society and requests special freezes around each Shinigami to protect nearby souls, in addition to preparations for Ikkaku's military funeral.

Meanwhile, Ikkaku releases his shikai but is still smashed to the ground by Edorad. Ikkaku's Bankai is a strength type that gets stronger as it cuts or gets cut, shown by the dragon that turns red in his center blade.

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Wednesday, March 21st, Team Zaraki's Secret Story! The Lucky Men Ikkaku thinks back to the day, when he first met Zaraki Kenpachi and lost a sword battle with him.

He wanted Zaraki to kill him, but Zaraki let him live so they could fight again another day. He hunts for Zaraki and finds out he is now a captain of the Soul Society. He and Yumichika, go there and join his squad. Ikkaku then starts training Renji who was just moved from the Aizen's division for fighting too much.

Renji after the events of the Aizen's betrayal tries to talk Ikkaku in to becoming a captain, but Ikkaku tells him his resolve. The ending part of the Edorad and Ikkaku battles ends as both fall from the sky.

But Edorad has more damage. Wednesday, March 28th, The Broken Hyourinmaru Hitsugaya, Renji, and Matsumoto contiune there battle and are struggling due to the limiters placed on them. Ririn, Cloud, Nova and Ururu try to help Renji, but are beaten down.

Ururu gets II-Forte to release, due to her attacks. Shawlong explains how the Arrancar number system works. And how he thinks HItsugaya's bankai works. As this is happening Ichigo is not even denting Grimmjaw and is forced to use Bankai. Meanwhile Hitsugaya is having much problems with his opponent who is now in released form.

Before things get really bad however, Matsumoto reciveves a call they seem to have been waiting for. The ending scene shows all three of them releasing massive amounts of reiatsu. Wednesday, April 11th, Basically killing them in one blow. Meanwhile Keigo, brings Ikkaku and Yumichika back to his home where his sister has been waiting for him to bring back that juice he went to get. His sister Mizuho gladly expects, because of Ikkaku bold head.

Meanwhile Ichigo is still struggling to even hurt Grimmjow. Grimmjow starts beating the living heck out of Ichigo. Wednesday, April 18th, The Power of the Awakened The episode begins in Hueco Mundo with Kaname having brought Grimmjow before Aizen due to his disobedience, and Gin's first appearance in awhile. Also, after the outcome of the battles with the Numeros classed Arrancar, each character reflects on the grim situation. Chad asks Urahara to train him so he can become more powerful, and Ichigo seeks out the Vizard who give him an ultimatum.

Wednesday, April 25th, Ichigo and Hiyori face off, but Ichigo has a bit of trouble holding his own. Hiyori urges him to use his Bankai, but he refuses for the fear of the presence of his inner hollow taking over. Hiyori succeeds in drawing it out eventually, however, and Ichigo passes their test of strength to join the Vizard.

The Vizard have Ichigo train endurance before teaching him how to subdue his inner hollow, but after acknowledging Ichigo's already advanced shinigami abilities Shinji takes the training into the next phase. The episode ends with Ichigo in his subconscious world facing off against his inner hollow. Wednesday, May 2nd, As the battle continues he sees illusions of past foes defeated who impart him advice to renew his fighting spirit.

Also, the Vizard begin taking turns battling against Ichigo's outer body, which has almost been completely taken over by his Hollow. Wednesday, May 9th, Before he is able to execute a cero blast, a high-level Hollow ability, Ichigo regains control after having won the fight against his inner Hollow. Wednesday, May 16th, Clash of the Parent-Child Quincys Hitsugaya speaks with Hinamori through the big-screen TV, who apologizes for falsely believing he could have assassinated Captain Aizen.

Ichigo endurance trains his Hollow form with Hiyori, and Orihime finds the Vizard hideout and recaps him on Aizen's plans. Wednesday, May 30th, Urahara's Decision, Orihime's Thoughts Urahara tells Orihime that he doesn't want her fighting in the upcoming war against Aizen, as her abilities are not built for the frontlines and they will have the fourth squad when it comes to first-aid relief. Hiyori brings Orihime back to the hideout at Hachi's behest, and he revives Tsubaki for her and also echoes Urahara's decision because he believes she has not the resolve to fight.

Wednesday, June 6th, Team Hitsugaya Moves Out Matsumoto investigates a strange tune, only to find a young male plus being attacked by an Arrancar. After Ikkaku easily dispatches the Hollow they interrogate the child regarding the Arrancar that attacked him. As they are about to perform a soul burial, he insists he has something to finish before leaving the real world. The boy is granted a reprieve thanks to Matsumoto, and as he sneaks out at night with her Zanpakuto the Arrancar that they thought to be slain reappears before both the boy and Matsumoto.

Wednesday, June 13th, The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice The mysterious Arrancar has the ability to duplicate itself, and the team must find the original copy which sends messages to its duplicates in order to destroy it. They know it must somehow be connected to the strange tune. Shouta finds his sister, but she runs away back to the park without warning. Wednesday, June 20th, Hitsugaya's Merciless Decision Hitsugaya finds a discovery that helps them in the battle aganist the Arrancar they are battling that it can shapeshift into other souls.

And they find out Yui is a clone of the Arrancar. Wednesday, June 27th, Yui regains some control just as the psuedo-Arrancar who has been hiding in the shadows for all this time, makes an appearance, ambushing them with more clones and absorbing Yui. Season 7 Wednesday, July 4th, 1: Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball Karin is really upset about Ichigo leaving and accidentally kicks her ball into the street.

Hitsugaya stops it from going in the street and Karin goes to her friends to their soccer field. Middle schoolers are using the field and refuse to let them on so they challenge them to a soccer game.

While they're walking back, Karin sees Hitsugaya again and asks for his help. Wednesday, July 11th, 2: Ikkaku's Hot-Blooded Kendo Tale Keigo's sister is the president of student council and challenges another school's Kendo team to a match. She asks Ikkaku to help her team win because the other school ambushed and injured all of the good team members. He accepts and trains all of the inexperienced freshman to be ready to fight the match. Most of the freshman are injured during training and Ikkaku has to ask the shinigami for help.

Wednesday, July 18th, 3: The Beautiful Patissier, Yumichika! They meet a cake chef who requests their help to fulfill his last wish. Things become complicated however, when a Menos Grande appears to crash the party. Wednesday, July 25th, 4: Rangiku on the Lookout. A girl is drowning in a river near Rangiku and Kon. Rangiku removes Kon from his regular stuffed animal and throws him into the stuffed animal of the little girl drowning. Kon saves the girl and Rangiku leaves without him. Kon is stuck with the little girl and has to play with her.

The little girl explains to him that her parents are no longer together and that her mother works a lot. Kon feels sorry for her and takes her to her old home. Once they arrive a hollow attacks and Kon has to face it in order to protect the little girl Wednesday, August 8th, 5: Civil War in Hueco Mondo! He takes the Hougyoku and plans on using it to become King himself.

Ulquiorra catches him, but Patros has friends and defeats Ulquiorra very easily. Patros goes to the real world and is in a hurry to find Urahara, to see how the Hougyoku works. He asks his friends to hold off Hitsugaya's gang, and they do.

Meanwhile, Patros gets to Urahara's shop and begins battling Renji, because Urahara is away. Wednesday, August 22nd, 6: Renji activates his bankai and Ririn, Kuroudo and Noba join the fight. But will that be enough to fight against Patros? Meanwhile, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Yumichika and Ikkaku are still fighting against the other two arrancars. Who will win and what will Aizen say about the Hougyoku?

Wednesday, August 29th, 7: Hueco Mondo Moves Again! Yammy Everyone is training to achieve stronger power for the upcoming Winter War. In the midst of all this training, a group of Espada power level Arrancars attack the real world. They start there attack on Hitsugaya's group. Meanwhile, Rukia and Orihime try to get to real world.

And Ichigo goes looking for Grimmjow. And Urahara goes to the battlefield. Wednesday, September 5th, 8: Grimmjow, the second Battle Ichigo continues his battle with Grimmjow, with his hollow mask, that is only going to last about 11 seconds. He has the upper hand too, until his mask breaks. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya is fighting Yammy, well Luppi is fighting Yumichika. Luppi gets bored and wants to fight all four and releases, beats Hitsugaya and fights Ikkaku, Matsumoto, and Yumichika at once, as things start to look bad Urahara comes in and saves them.

Ulquiorra appears before Orihime and tells him that they she needs to come with him right now or her friends will be killed. Wednesday, September 12th, 9: Luppi continues his battle with the others and Hitsugaya manages to come and help them up. Meanwhile, Ichigo is struggling to fight Grimmjow after losing his mask.

Rukia shows up to help but they are no match. All seems lost when help in the form of Hirako appears to help. The conclusion to the battle with the Espada begins! Wednesday, September 19th,