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Hitsugaya, Karin and Soccer Ball is the one hundred thirty second episode of the tries to get Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya to help her win an upcoming soccer match. List of Chapters · Bleach Pilot Chapter · Manga Omakes · Manga One- Shots . Karin, meeting Matsumoto, is impressed Hitsugaya has a lieutenant even. In the anime the first meeting between them was shown in episode when Matsumoto happened to be shopping there, as a Shinigami. In episode is the flashback in wich they met each other for the first time. Hitsugaya is being discriminated by an shopkeeper and Rangiku yells at him for .

One of the other Shinigami defeats the Hollow, making it unnecessary for him to go. As Karin tries to get him to come practice with her friends, Hitsugaya does not give her a straight answer. He ends up coming to watch Karin and her friends practice, but he leaves when Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumotoshowing up, starts teasing him about having an interest in Karin.

Hitsugaya does not show up when the day of the match arrives, leaving Karin and her friends to play the junior high school kids by themselves. To make matters worse, in the opening play, one of the older kids, injuring Karin's leg, renders her ineffective, further crippling the team. When the junior high team goes up four goals to Karin's team's none, Hitsugaya shows up.

Hitsugaya saves Karin from the Hollow. With Hitsugaya's skills, the team evens the score, and he even lets Karin score the goal which wins the game.

Afterwards, he tries to talk with her about something, but a Hollow appears. Karin, surprised Hitsugaya can see the Hollow, is unwilling to run away because of her friends, who are now unconscious.

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When she kicks a soccer ball at its face, the Hollow tries to smash her with its fist. Hitsugaya, bringing out his Shinigami form, saves her. Using his ice powers to defeat the monster, he slices it in half before it can use its Cero.

Once the battle is over, Karin asks him if he knows where Ichigo is, since she just saw Hitsugaya is a Shinigami too. Shocked to find out she is Ichigo's little sister, he admits he does not know of Ichigo's whereabouts. He says Ichigo is becoming stronger, just like she is, and tells her not to worry. Karin, meeting Matsumoto, is impressed Hitsugaya has a lieutenant even though he is a grade-schooler. This angers him because, despite how he looks, he is not actually in elementary school.

Ichigo begins to battle Yammy, blocking Yammy's first attack and subsequently cutting off his arm. However, his inner hollow interferes, and Yammy gains the advantage. Ulquiorra rescues him from an attack from Urahara, and the two return to Hueco Mundo. While Ichigo fights the hollow, Rukia berates his inability to defend his friends, and encourages him to fight his inner hollow.

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Inspired, Ichigo easily defeats the hollow, and Rukia takes him to Orihime to apologize for not protecting her against the arrancar. At Ichigo's house, Hitsugaya explains Aizen's plans for the arrancars and the different types of hollows. In Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra and Yammy report their findings in the real world to Aizen and an assembly of arrancar. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez questions Ulquiorra's decision to keep Ichigo alive, and Aizen asserts that he trusts Ulquiorra's judgment, angering Grimmjow.

D-Roy encounters Chad and nearly kills him before Ichigo intercepts the fatal blow.

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Rukia arrives, telling Ichigo to allow her to fight D-Roy. However, Grimmjow arrives to fight them, and Rukia realizes that his power is vastly superior to D-Roy's. Meanwhile, Keigo Asano encounters Ikkaku fighting Edorad. In his released form, Edorad easily overpowers Ikkaku, and Ikkaku uses his bankai.

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Meanwhile, Grimmjow dispatches Rukia in a single blow, and prepares to fight Ichigo. Ikkaku lands several blows on Edorad, and the two use all their power in a final attack. Kenpachi easily defeated him, and told Ikkaku to consider a respite from death after a fight as luck.

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When Renji was a member of the eleventh division, Ikkaku trained him, and Renji asked Ikkaku to become a captain after discovering that Ikkaku could use his bankai. Ikkaku refused, citing his desire to fight and die under Kenpachi's command. In the present, Ikkaku defeats Edorad, and Yumichika congratulates him on his victory. Renji, also using his bankai, is outmatched against Illfort.