Have jill and claire meet

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have jill and claire meet

Leon knows Chris so he must have met the BSAA at one point so In fact, I think that Jill would go better with Leon than either Claire or Ada. Claire Redfield is a fictional character in the Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) horror Claire has also appeared in various other media, including several She soon meets up with a rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, but along the way she is .. Kobayashi wrote they have "heard a lot of love for Jill and Claire recently and . Parker and Jill realized that their weapons had been taken and had to meet back up with each other to get them back. Several Ooze wander.

Capcom titles, the characters are still canon, retaining their personalities and past experiences, even referencing moments from their many appearances.

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That is why there is such a joy listening to their many unique dialogues. So my point is, even if Capcom doesn't considers PxZ to be a canon storyline for these characters, they are still themselves as persons. So if we go by this rule, Jill do know who Leon and Claire is. Obviously as she's best friend with Claires brother But after seven games and three spin-offs Only counting the important story-driven gamesJill seems like the only main RE character who have met the least characters.

Knowing Claire must be a given, but she problably doesn't know Ada and we have never heard or seen any meeting between her and Leon. He looks a lot older than I remember him to be". Then Leon accuses them for being fake by being alot younger than their counterparts.

have jill and claire meet

Which is suppose to be a joke as this is the future Leon from RE6 meeting up with their Jill and Chris Revelations appearances, so of course they'll look too young to be the legendary BSAA duo Then they have a conversation which ties into the bigger plot of the game Note that this is Project x Zone 2 and he speaks like he knows exactly who Chris and Jill are, and the other two do the same about him.

It's a nice touch and I am just waiting for this to happen in the real survival horror franchise, a Jill x Leon or Jill x Claire mashup!

Have Jill & Claire ever met each other?

If you own a 3DS, go and buy those games! Compared to their Revelations counterparts, Jill and Chris aren't boring when talking, having many old memories shared between them.

have jill and claire meet

Weirdly, Jill is joking alot more than Chris does in those games. Being ironic, stating the obvious in a funny manner and being charming towards the other characters.

This is the Jill I wanna see in the games! Serious, badass but still socially funny. During the game's ending they vow to put an end to the Umbrella Corporation. In the PlayStation 2 version, Veronica X, Claire also has a brief encounter with the series' main villain Albert Wesker that would have resulted in her death had Wesker not been called away by his associates.

Claire returned as a protagonist in the episodical game Resident Evil: Revelations 2[8] set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

have jill and claire meet

Claire is now a member of TerraSave, a non-profit humanitarian aid and protest activism organization. The game follows her and Barry Burton 's daughter Moira as they get kidnapped and find themselves trapped in a mysterious abandoned prison island. There they fight Alex Wesker and the "Afflicted" creatures. In the end both of them survive the events along with Barry, who arrived to look for them, and a little girl named Natalia Korda.

Claire is playable in Resident Evil: Veronica, in Resident Evil Survivor 2 — Code: Veronicathe entire plot of which is actually just her nightmare dream after the escape from Antarctica in the original Code: Veronica, and in Resident Evil: Uprising, a mobile game version of Resident Evil 2.

She is a further playable in the non-canonical spin-off games Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3Dand in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City where she is also one of the game's bosses in the game's main mode. In addition, Claire is one of two playable characters in Resident Evil: Zombie Busters, which started as a browser game in the Capcom Party line and in was converted for mobile phones.

Behind the scenes[ edit ] Claire Redfield was originally known as 'Elza Walker', the female lead in the original version of Resident Evil 2 inafter a year of work, this version of the game was scrapped by the development team and is now widely referred to as " Resident Evil 1.

In the released version of the game, rewritten by Noboru SugimuraElza Walker, a blond [12] college student and motorcycle racer, [13] [14] [15] was changed into Chris Redfield's sister named Claire. She was given physical features which more closely resemble her brother, her signature jacket with "Made in Heaven" printed on the back, and a sheath for a standard-issue S. I thought she should look the same, but the game director made her that way because she had such an experience in Resident Evil 2, she could handle any situation now!

The game's producer Michiteru Okabe said: Her wardrobe was also redesigned, with her original hotpants replaced by jeans trouses and the jacket now being long-sleeved. Anderson 's series debut Resident Evil: ExtinctionClaire is the leader of a convoy of zombie apocalypse survivors who, at the end of the film, go to Alaska in search of a safe haven.

AfterlifeClaire is ambushed by the Umbrella Corporation and manipulated by a device that controls her and impairs her memory by injecting a drug into her bloodstream, before she is rescued by Alice and reunited with her brother Chris.

Claire Redfield

Claire did not return in Resident Evil: Retributionwhere she, Chris, and K-Mart are presumed dead but were captured by Umbrella. The Final Chapterwhere she teams up with Alice and the Red Queen to save the remnants of humanity. Later, Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt decided to have a separate game character appear alongside the previous film's lead Alice: