Geralt and ciri meet

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geralt and ciri meet

Geralt goes off to climb Bald Mountain, while you take control of Ciri to fight the . The two of you avenged Vesemir and can now go on to meet. Cause she's a witcher like him. Witchers are taken by the order when they are very young, trained and mutated with toxines to become stronger. Get positive endings for both Ciri and Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Listen to Johnny and go off to visit this mysterious woman. Inside, her assistant evaluates both Ciri and Geralt. Ciri passes the young-and-beautiful-enough human sacrifice testwhile Geralt is a tad too old looking.

There is another chance though.

The old woman, Thecla, has a test for those to prove their worth. Follow her outside and take the test. She leads you to a walkway high above a cove.

geralt and ciri meet

She drops a special coin down into the water. Your task is to retrieve it and bring the coin back to her. Dive off the walkway and into the water. Swim back a little ways and the coin will be glowing red. Grab it and swim back to the surface. Climb the rocks to the left to make it back on land.

geralt and ciri meet

You should hear a loud roar from nearby. That is a fiend. It is possible to not fight it. Follow the path to the right and up the rocks. Climb the stairs and head back into the tent to gain your passage to the mountain. Relict Oil is a good idea too. You have a small monster fight coming up with a sylvan named Fugas. This giant, red devil -looking monster approves Ciri for passage, but tells Geralt that his all-access coins signifies a death sentence. He plops down from the wall and begins to attack.

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Fugas [ edit ] Fugas is slow, but powerful. He can stomp the ground and stun Geralt, giving him ample time to blast him with a fireball. Ironically, he is weak to Igni.

Dance around him, watching for his foot to rise for a stomp, and hit him with quick blows. Stay away when he stomps or summons fire. His fire blasts will usually cause Geralt to catch on fire. Use Swallow when needed, and finish him off as as soon as possible. Who gets to fight who?

The Witcher 3: how to get the best ending

All decided with a serious, life-or-death game of rock, paper, scissors. Geralt wins a duel with Imlerithwhile Ciri gets to fight the Crones. Geralt goes off to climb Bald Mountain, while you take control of Ciri to fight the Ladies of the Wood. The Crones [ edit ] Loading The Crones have been taunting you since Velenwith their creepy, child eating voodoo.

After a spooky introduction to the fight, Ciri is launched into a three-on-one fight with the witches. Right off the bat, focus on Brewess. She is the fat one.

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She is slow and barely moves. She is an easy target to pick off. The Fate of Emhyr var Emries, Emperor of Nilfgaard If Nilfgaard rules the North, Emhyr turns his attention to dissent at home, wiping out the traitors with extreme prejudice. Geralt lives in comfort and luxury, with the occasional Witcher Contract. If you successfully romanced Yennefer, the pair of them retire from the affairs of the world at last. They live happily ever after and almost never get out of bed till noon.

geralt and ciri meet

Anna lives, but is struck insane. Velen is at relative peace. Free the creature in The Whispering Hillock: Downwarren is destroyed, Anna dies, the Baron commits suicide, and Velen is ravaged. The fate of Sara the Godling Make a deal with Sara: The Godling settles down peacefully with Corrine. Sara flees Novigrad and joins Johnny on Bald Mountain. Lambert and Keira set off on new adventures together.

Let Keira go to Radovid or ignore her quests: Keira is burned at the stake. A Final Kindness is unlocked during Blindingly Obvious.

Dudu replaces the crime lord and begins a benevolent spree. Brought low by his former associates, Whoreson Junior is a pitiful wretch.

geralt and ciri meet

The fate of Mages Complete Now or Never: The mages escape Novigrad successfully, but violence against non-humans escalates sharply. Ignore Now or Never: Mages are slaughtered indiscriminately.

Novigrad is a deathtrap.