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disney meet the robinsons franny and wilbur

March Madness and Disney Twitter combined this year to make sure that Meet the Robinsons () tells the story of a young inventor, LEWIS, and some strange girl (FRANNY) insists on Wilbur helping her find them. Disney - Meet the Robinsons - Luis failed and cheered on scene PB & J Disney .. Francesca "Franny" Robinson (née Framagucci) is the mother of Wilbur. Wilbur Robinson is the son of Franny and Lewis "Cornelius" Robinson and the deuteragonist of the animated film, Meet the Robinsons. He is 13 years old.

Upon his escape back to the future, Carl chastises him for making a minor alteration in the process: A worker saw him in the time machine, dubbing it a chariot of the gods.

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Wilbur then has to do a few errands around the house before another time trip, which includes taking out the trash to the garage. Fighting past the robot security, Wilbur makes it and goes back to the Science Fair after Bowler Hat Guy, but upon arrival into the gymnasium, he bursts through the doors and slams into Stanleywhose volcano is thrown into Lizzy 's Fire Ant Farm.

Called back to the future quickly by Carl, Wilbur finds the timestream has been altered that now Stanley and Lizzy are warring supervillains and Stanley is now in charge of the world with Magma Industries. Wilbur tracks his time machine down to Lizzy's underground lair, The Hive, but after defeating the ant queen now has to enter Stanley's headquarters as well.

After fighting Stanley's ultimate robot, Prometheus, the volcano starts becoming unstable and threatens to erupt.

disney meet the robinsons franny and wilbur

Quickly traveling back, Wilbur sets things right between Lizzy and Stanley and makes a quick stop back to see what has become of them a petshop owner and a pizza restauranteur respectively and exiting through the front door, is thrown into the Doris' victory timeline and fights the Mega-Doris.

After defeating the giant robot hat, Wilbur proceeds back in time to help Lewis.

disney meet the robinsons franny and wilbur

Meet the Robinsons After leaving the garage door open while taking out the trash which allows the Bowler Hat Guy to steal the second time machine, Wilbur follows him through time in the first machine and pulls his future father, Lewis, under a table to warn him about the Bowler Hat Guy, but Lewis thinks he's crazy and leaves.

While looking for the Bowler Hat Guy, Wilbur runs into his future mother Franny and knocks her frogs from her hands then jumps on another kid, believing him to be the Bowler Hat Guy.

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He then throws Lewis' designs back at him and pretends to be a pigeon to get his attention. When Lewis doesn't believe him about being a Time Agent, discovering that his "badge" is just a tanning salon coupon, and tears up his Memory Scanner plans, Wilbur makes him a deal: After getting Lewis' sarcastic agreement, he shoves him off the roof into the time machine and takes him to see the future.

disney meet the robinsons franny and wilbur

Lewis, however, decides to use the machine to stop his mother from abandoning him and the two boys fight over the controls, causing the machine to crash. Wilbur makes Lewis another deal: He hides Lewis in the garage, he makes him wear a fruit hat and warns him not leave. Wilbur gets the plans to the time machine from a panicking Carl who reveals that if he fails there's a good chance he won't even exist.

When Wilbur returns to the garage, he finds Lewis is disappeared and frantically searches the house for him, before the two literally run into each other after Lewis meets Wilbur's family, which horrifies him. As stated by her and her husband, she is "always right", even when she's wrong.

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Appearances Meet the Robinsons Franny as a child. Wilbur has no idea she is his future mother. He also knocks her frogs out of her hands and has to help her pick them up until he sees what he thinks is the Bowler Hat Guy and runs off. She is later more properly introduced in the year at the age of 40, a wife and a mother who successfully teaches frogs to sing and play jazz music. While Lewis is searching for the garage, Bud takes him to her music room and she makes him join her band on maracas.

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She later calls for the boys to come to dinner and threatens to come get them if they don't come, which they have to comply with because otherwise, she'll see the busted time machine. At dinner, she and her older brother Gaston get into the traditional family food fight due to Wilbur. Franny proposes a toast to Lewis, and he says that if he ever has a family, he wants it to be like the Robinsons. When Franny asks Wilbur what Lewis meant by that, she is shocked and saddened to find out the boy is an orphan.

When the T-Rex attacks, Franny tells Lewis to run and she goes to help her brother Gaston, but they both end up getting thrown out of the battle, but Lewis and Wilbur eventually defeat it.

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Leaving Lewis behind, they take off with the scanner, drastically altering the future to a world where Doris' clones have enslaved humanity. Lewis repairs the second time machine, confronts Doris and destroys her by promising to never invent her, restoring the future to its Utopian self.

disney meet the robinsons franny and wilbur

After persuasion from Lewis, Wilbur tries to ask the adult Goob to join the family, but he has disappeared, apparently ashamed at what he has done. Back in Wilbur's time, Lewis finally meets Cornelius face to face.

Cornelius explains how the memory scanner started their successful career, and persuades Lewis to return to the science fair.

disney meet the robinsons franny and wilbur

Wilbur takes Lewis back, but makes one stop first: Wilbur drops Lewis off in his own time and leaves. Lewis heads to the fair, but en route wakes up Goob just in time for him to make the winning catch. Back at the fair, Lewis asks for one more chance to demonstrate his scanner, which this time succeeds.