Dil dosti dance rey and taani first meet

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dil dosti dance rey and taani first meet

As a result, Rey first tries to talk to them which later changes into an action . Rey meets Tani and makes her realize about her capabilities. Read Chapter 1 from the story Taani & Rey Love Story by MaNan (Manisha) with reads. taarey. Hello guys, I'm new here, and it's my first story here, b story here, based on a fictional characters Taani and Rey from the show D3. +. Taani has interest in business studies and now focusing on her studies. D3 team won the NDC. Scene 'sharey in projector y3y3games.info hugs.

Swayam aisa kaise keh sakta hai? Rey, Swayam won't care. Tum break up kar lo. Us ladki se sabko chutkara milega. Har baar use milta hoon toh voh mujhe bolne ka mauka hi nahin deti" "Bas use keh do Rey. Voh kar bhi kya sakti ai? Bas, itna hi na? Kuch farak nahin padta mujhe.

dil dosti dance rey and taani first meet

I'm sure tumhe bhi kuch farak nahin padta. End Flashback Mujhe maaf kar dena Taani. Mujhe yeh karna pada.

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Main dance aur tumhare beech mein choose nahin kar sakta. Main abhi bhi tumse hi pyaar karta hoon, aur tumse hi pyaar karta rahoonga, lekin tumhe apne aap ko pehle realize karna hoga.

Tumhe dhoondhna hoga ki Taani kaun hai. Uski pehchan kya hai? Voh life se kya chahti hai? Main yeh tumhare bhale ke liye kar raha hoon. Memories raced through his head. The time he fought for Taani, when she said Shivam was her boyfriend so that he wouldn't get defamed.

When she bandaged his injuries, their first date. He kept mumbling, "I'm sorry Taani. Mujhe maaf kar dena. Main tumhe hurt nahin karna chahta tha. I'm sorry" He tired himself out, sobbing and crying and fell asleep with tear tracks coating his face. I tolerate her only because she is Swayam's sister. If she wasn't my best friend's sister, I would've left her a long time ago.

What do I do now Sharon? She's got it in her mind that we're going to get married. She won't shut up about it. I can't stay with a girl like that. But I can't say anything to her either. If I do, she'll go running to her brother. And Swayam is not only a friend to me but much more.

He's practically my brother. I can't take a chance on our friendship. But I can't exactly put up with Taani anymore either.

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What do I do Sharon. If you breakup with Taani, who will he support? And you want to know what he said? He said that Taani is not my real sister but I value Rey much more than a real brother.

Rey, as a boyfriend, supports Taani. But as captain of D3 Team? He should have seen the problems in the points Taani was making as well.

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While the D3 team is their career, like Sharon pointed out. Therefore, naturally, everyone would and should feel more for the team. He asks them who the captain will be as they are going as a team, not Dazzlers and Weaklings.

They realize how for the first team, there is no gap between them!

dil dosti dance rey and taani first meet

Everyone says why not Rey? Even Swayam points out that he was only captain of Weaklings because he was forced to. But for this bigger team, we do and it should be Rey. The boys minus Swayam discuss how he needs permission for girlfriend for being a captain too! Sharon supports her and the boys are shocked upon this, teasing Swayam. Outside, Rey stops Taani. Both talk in the FE.

Taani tells him that from AGS, D3 captain, he hardly finds time for her. If he becomes team captain as well, will he be able to give any time for her?

dil dosti dance rey and taani first meet

If I may say something, I would say Taani is being selfish here. Yea sure, she has the right to have her boyfriend to herself. But even before they had met [first time], she knew the person Rey was!

She knew his popularity. She knew he was loved and she had accepted him that way.

dil dosti dance rey and taani first meet

She loved him that way only. And few minutes ago, she was telling Sharon that college was important. Where did this logic go all of a sudden? According to her first logic, TaaRey should learn how to manage as she told Sharon to manage D3 team and then if not possible, put captaincy as priority like she told Sharon to give competition and college priority. Taani leaves with this tantrum and Rey remembers all the time when he gave priority to friends and team over her.

Rey saying Swayam should be captain.