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See more ideas about Bailey mcknight, Baileys and Brooklyn and bailey instagram. Brooklyn and Bailey so cute I love them I want meet them Best sisters B & The Know-Your-Dad Tag (Happy Father's Day) #dad #fathersday #tag #. Home» Twin Fun» Meet-Our-Mom Tag | Brooklyn and Bailey . to like stamp everything and file all the envelopes so my dad could mail them. Mom tag questions: Mother is the most beautiful and selfless creature of the God. She takes Meet-Our-Mom Tag Brooklyn and Bailey – Mom Tag Question Video ; Mom TAG – What three reasons made you marry daddy?.

It's like a— um, it wasn't a leopard It's not a wolf is it? I know what high school she went to Hilcrest High School I don't know the Hilcrest mascot Hmm, you want to take a wild guess? Yeah, I don't know We'll go with panthers because I know it's a cat My high school mascot was a husky Go huskies! Relax, would just being my general answer Kid free, stress free zone If I could do anything for three hours ooh, gosh, the possibilities What would I do with two three whole hours?

Probably read a book or quilt But get a massage or just be alone would be close Hawaii No doubt Yes Whatsoever No doubt If I were going to pick one of those vacations I would pick all three Can I choose that?

Meet-Our-Mom Tag | Brooklyn and Bailey | Brooklyn and Bailey

Do the responsible move What kind of boring— what? I would like to say that she would spend it on the family Whether or not that is true— I don't know Maybe she wants to put it in the bank and be responsible Get some interest on that money I don't know I don't know Probably just put it in the bank and save it until I wanted it for something I don't know what I don't know I would probably save it So if there's one thing that my mom has a lot of, what is it?

What does she have a lot of? Is it like a physical object? Probably Probably I would assume so Um, gum? Very true She has a big basket in her office of all types of gum We all love gum Love gum She has lots of office supplies too Yeah, papers Lots of papers Yeah, all on her desk I mean, I don't know Hairstyles Oh, yeah There's one for you There's one for you It would probably be shoes I do love my shoes What was my mom's first job?

I think I know this What? Well, didn't she work at Lonestar steakhouse?

70+ Mom tag questions which are fun to ask

No, that was when she was married Oh She was a waitress I think Maybe a waitress? Tell any moment of your child which filled your eyes with tears—but proud? Do you like to stay at home with your children or partying with friends? Do you wish to live with your children at the older age as well? Do you ever think about aborting a child?

What is the best age of being a mother? Did you enjoy the childhood of your children? What was the most memorable moment of the childhood of your child? What was the worst moment of the childhood of their child? What are your three wishes related to your children? Are your children good friends of yours? Which child of yours is closest to you? Describe your child in three words. Share any moment when you were sure that you will lose your child?

Have you ever beaten your child? Have you ever slapped your child? If yes, then why? What will you do if your child dies?

Have you ever prepared something for your child after your death? Tell three changes you felt between a married life and after becoming a mom? Who is your first priority now?

Is a daughter the best friend of the mother or a son? Make two pieces of advice to the mothers-to-be? Who is the most organized child of yours? What was the hardest thing while having a baby? After becoming a mom, does your love increased for your mother?

Meet-Our-Mom Tag - Brooklyn and Bailey

What would you do if someone bullies your children? What three habits you want to see in your children as they grow up?

In which hospital your first child was born?

Meet-Our-Mom Tag | Brooklyn and Bailey

What was your favorite food during the pregnancy days? What did you often think of the pregnancy? What was your feeling seeing your first newborn baby? Imagine you go stuck in an Earthquake. How helpful are your children for you?