Bolin and mako meet korra asami

bolin and mako meet korra asami

When Bolin witnessed Korra and Mako kiss, a sight that left him devastated, Mako berated Korra Upon learning of Mako and Asami's rapprochement, Bolin admonished them. Mako met Asami after she accidentally hit him with her moped. Mako is a major character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, However, his aspirations changed when he met Avatar Korra, who joined the team and became a loyal friend. In the following months, Mako - along with Asami and Bolin - later joined Korra in fighting the Equalists. The trio were. Asami realized there was a possible relationship between Mako and Korra. Asami met Mako after she crashed into him while riding on her moped as he crossed Asami invited Mako and Bolin to stay in the Sato estate after the Pro- bending.

You gave a speech to the press where you wanted to bring peace to Republic City. And you are also a member of Fire Ferrets? I am so embarrassed. I am Asami," spoke Asami as she blushed, extending her hand.

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Korra blushed as well, since she remembered that she only played one game and Asami must have known about her poor performance. Besides, I wondered what kind of moves you did when you avoided all those attacks," asked Asami "Thank you.

Well, I guess I will have to go now," spoke Korra as she prepared to leave. It was my fault that I hit you in the first place. Lets eat at Kwong's," spoke Asami. Korra looked at the other girl. I know where the Air Temple Island is located. I will pick you up," smiled Asami as she climbed on her moped and drove off. Korra looked at the disappearing figure of the beautiful woman. Besides, I like Mako," thought Korra although she began to have doubts.

She recollected her few conversations with the Fire bender, and while he was a good teammate and a friend, and the two worked efficiently to rescue Bolin, the two had quite a few disagreements. When she returned, she saw Tenzin's disapproving face. We were all worried about you. Not only have you not continued to practice, you also left the island for who knows where," spoke Tenzin in frustration.

What has your son told me? Right, be the leaf," laughed Korra as she went to get a snack. I expect you to be ready for your next Air bending training session in fifteen minutes," spoke Tenzin. Mako was later appointed as Prince Wu's bodyguard, a position he continued after the latter's coronation as Earth King. Creation and conception[ edit ] David Faustino voices Mako. Mako along with his brother Bolin were designed by Ryu Ki-Hyun.

Joaquim Dos Santos originally wanted both characters to have strong noses, however the idea was nixed. It was decided that as the younger brother, Bolin's character would have a somewhat simplistic and naive view of the world, while Mako's character as the older brother and provider for the two, would be more reserved, cynical and serious in nature. According to the creators, the United Republic was founded by Aang and Zuko after the Hundred Year War as a place where benders and non-Benders from all four Kingdoms could live in harmony.

Mako and Bolin were created in part to highlight the radical changes that had occurred in the seventy years since the end of the war, specifically the ethnic diversity and blending of cultures of the various nations in the United Republic. Because of the heritages of their parents, Mako is a firebender and Bolin is an earthbender. Bryan Konietzko made the decision to have it removed. Though Joaquim Dos Santos was initially supportive of the scarf being implemented, he left open to the idea that a police officer having on scarf while showing up to a crime spree would be "strange".

He was originally intended to become romantically involved with Fire Lord Izumi's daughter during the fourth season, but the idea was scrapped as the writers felt there were too many characters in the season.

Faustino felt Mako's love for Asami was different than the love he had for Korra, calling it "much deeper". Faustino was supportive of the romantic relationship between Mako and Korra being reestablished during the fourth season. Air[ edit ] At the beginning of the series, Mako is a member of the Fire Ferrets pro-bending team, alongside his brother and the waterbender Hasook.

Tensions between Korra and Mako again appeared when Korra began to suspect Hiroshi of being an Equalist, with Mako believing her to be acting on her jealousy towards Asami. After Korra's suspicions were proven to be true, he comforted the distraught Asami at the Avatar's urging. The trio were subsequently arrested by Republic City Councilman Tarrlok, who wanted to use them as leverage against Korra. During the crisis, Mako was very open about his feelings for Korra in front of Asami, leading to friction between the two of them.

This was exacerbated when Asami found out about Mako and Korra's earlier kiss. Shortly, Mako and Korra later discovered that Amon, the leader of the Equalists, was a powerful bender and not the non-bender he claimed to be.

bolin and mako meet korra asami

They eventually exposed Amon, ending the revolution, but in the process Korra lost much of her bending. When Korra traveled to the South Pole to receive treatment from Katara, Mako accompanied her confessing his love for her while there. After Korra bending was restored by Aang, the two of them embraced and kissed, with Korra admitting her love for Mako. When a cultural center associated with the Southern Water Tribe was bombed, most suspected that the Northern Water Tribe was involved.

bolin and mako meet korra asami

However, Mako was one of the few who doubted that the Northern Water Tribe was the culprit. This brought him into sharp conflict with Korra, a native of the Southern Water Tribe. Once Mako revealed Korra's plans to ask the United Forces fleet to help the Southern Water Tribe in their civil war with their northern counterparts to the president, Mako and Korra's romantic relationship abruptly ended in a bitter argument. However, they were double-crossed by the gangsters.

During the operation, Asami's company's warehouse was raided, effectively bankrupting her company.

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While consoling the distraught Asami, Asami kissed Mako. Before he could proceed in his investigation, incriminating evidence concerning the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe center was found in his apartment. Mako was subsequently arrested. To the chagrin of everyone present, Mako failed to remind Korra of their breakup and that he was dating Asami.

This ended Mako's romantic involvement with Asami. After the battle, Korra revealed to Mako that she sensed the two broke up before her encounter with the evil spirit and the two agreed to end their romantic involvement. She briefly resumes her relationship with Mako after confiding in him in the midst of his investigation of the stolen shipment of mecha tanks, though she initially apologizes before he reassures her [34] and the two relive their first date as he was arrested by officers who had incriminating evidence on him after interviewing the arrested Triple Threat Triad members, Asami learning and being shocked that he had explosives and a detonator in his back room and being unsure of what to believe when he blames Varrick.

When the three go to pick up Mako from jail, Asami becomes angry with him for not telling Korra that they were in a relationship again.

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After being apprehended and while imprisoned alongside the others, she is freed by Bumi and accepts Korra's request to fly her father Tonraq so he can seek treatment for his injuries. During a ride in Asami's car, the two engage in a friendly but honest discussion about Mako, whom both dated. They express happiness and relief that their "rivalry" over Mako did not destroy their friendship.

This is the first time Korra refers to Asami as a "girlfriend", although at this point the term is not used romantically. From that point on Asami and Korra spend a significant amount of time with each other, seeking out new airbenders, fighting against bandits and investigating a faction known as the Red Lotus.

After both being captured by Earth Kingdom forces, [40] they work as a team to escape from the Earth Kingdom airship where they were being held captive, resulting in the airship crashing into a desert. Asami becomes her day-to-day caretaker during the first phase of her recovery. Asami is the only member of Team Avatar with whom Korra maintains contact during this time, as they write to each other about their fears and vulnerabilities. Asami reveals that she has been receiving but not reading her father's prison letters, and demands that he stop trying to reconcile.

However, the relationship thaws as Hiroshi apologies, acknowledges his crimes, and expresses his pride in Asami, stating that Asami was the "greatest thing he ever created". Asami angrily responds that she is well aware of her father's capabilities, and asserts that it is not Korra's place to second-guess her after being away for three years.

bolin and mako meet korra asami

Asami agrees reluctantly, reminding Varrick she has not forgotten his past betrayals. Hiroshi Sato loses his life in the battle, saving his daughter in an act of self-sacrifice, validating Asami's acceptance, and completing their reconciliation arc.

Korra and Asami later step into the spirit portal, turn to face each other, hold both hands and gaze into each other's eyes as the camera swings upwards into the portal, officially signaling the start of their romantic involvement. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars In part one, Korra and Asami spend time in the Spirit World exploring their romantic feelings for each other.

Upon returning to Republic City, the couple meet tycoon Wongyong Keum who plans to form an amusement park on the land surrounding the Spirit Portal. Asami loses her temper, recalling Kuem's shady dealings with her own father, and orders him to leave. At Air Temple Island, Korra and Asami receive advice from Kya on their relationship and the history of how same-sex relationships have been viewed in their world. Asami is nearly killed in the fighting, distracting Korra and allowing a dragon-eel spirit to attack the Triple Threat's new leader, Tokuga.

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In the aftermath of the battle, Korra kisses Asami out of relief, leading to Mako, Bolin, Jinora and Opal discovering their relationship. Three weeks after Tokuga's defeat, Korra told Asami she is in love with her, and Asami said she feels the same way about Korra.

In a collection of highly emotional personalities, Asami is described by The A.