Abby and chad first meet

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abby and chad first meet

She'll make her first appearance as Abigail Deveraux on Nov. Our Lives supercouple “Chabby,” as played by Marci Miller and Billy Flynn as Chad DiMera . "There is no plan to meet the Kabul administration," Mujahid said. "Days of our Lives'" Chad and Abigail, as portrayed by actors Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi, have emerged into the soap's most popular young. In March 3, , Chad and Abigail meet in Java Café and it was love at first sight. Even after finding out that he is a DiMera, she continues to fall for him and.

He is of the DiMera family.

abby and chad first meet

Even after finding out that he is a DiMera, she continues to fall for him and eventually the two of them start dating despite their families disapproval. Sadly they got divorced more than a year later in June 27, They became engaged again in August 21, and they finally got married at St. Lukes on October 4.

However, once again Abigail divorced Chad in order to marry his older half-brother Stefan DiMeraso he would not commit her into a hospital as she was being framed by her former best friend turned hateful enemy, Gabi Hernandez.

Together they have two children while Chad had one daughter: Chad's first born daughter with Mia McCormickGrace DiMeraalthough Chad never knew she was his daughter till months after she passed away because of Bacterial Meningitis and he never even met her. Grace was born in January 26, and died in June 9, If she was alive she would have been Abigail's stepdaughter. Chad and Abigail are soulmates, the love of each other's lives.

When Chad decided to move into the DiMera mansion, he asked for her help to move in. With excitment she accepted. Abigail and Chad's families; the Hortons and the DiMeras were very disapproved with the romantic relation between them. After that, Chad had decided to not have anything to do with his new found family which helped Chad and Abigail's Romance develop even more. In September, Jack DeverauxAbigail's father returned. Abigail was furious with her father for leaving them without saying anything, being out of touch for a year, and then suddenly reappearing.

It turns out that Jack had gone to Afghanistan to investigate a story about a drug ring without telling his family where he was going. While he was there, he was kidnapped, tortured, and held hostage. Abigail felt bad for the suffering that her father endured, but still had a hard time forgiving him for leaving without telling anyone.

Abigail is reunited with her father Jack Chad was there for Abigail through Jack's return and the two grew even closer, both personally and professionally. Abigail contributed articles to Chad's website, SalemSportsFan. Things went well until Chad started noticing that he had more in common with Abigail's best friend, Melanie Jonas after they share a kiss at the town's Halloween party.

However, they are forced to shut it down when criminals begin using it for illegal gambling. The criminals then kidnap Chad and Melanie and believing they are about to die, the two confess their feelings. Abigail realised that she was starting to have feelings for the much older, Austin. A few days later, Abigail caught Chad and Melanie looking very close and realised that the two of them had feelings for each other.

Abigail was furious at both of them, especially Melanie. Despite Melanie's offer to give up Chad, Abigail could not forgive Melanie. In time she gave them both her blessings. Later intragedy was spreading, Melanie was unintentionally kidnapped because of Gabi 's obsession towards Chad, while Abigail's father Jack Deveraux became a martyr after sacrificing himself to save his daughter from death in an elevator.

Abby's First Track Meet

Chad and Melanie's relationship did not last, Melanie left him after she found out he was keeping the identity of the person who had her kidnapped a secret. Despite them being engaged and with Chad's own reasons for his actions, Melanie left town so she can forget the trauma she had faced in Salem. They briefly reunite and exacts revenge on Gabi when he reveals at her wedding to Nick that Will is the father of her unborn child.

Chad and Abigail eventually patch things up when they learn Cameron has been moonlighting as a stripper. She agrees to a date, but later backs out. Abigail and Chad break up in the hospital Chad is mistakenly led to believe he has a brain tumor, and lies to Cameron about his diagnosis to keep him away from Abigail. Though he survives, Abigail dumps him after she discovers his lie about the tumor.

On October 30,Stefano accompanies Chad to Boston for a surgery to repair damage from the bullet. A few days later Cameron got a job offer from Doctors Without Boarders.

He accepted the position and left Salem.

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After Chad's surgery, he called EJ to tell him that the surgery was a success, but to let Abigail know that he wouldn't be coming back to Salem. But soon the affair was exposed in the early summer, and Sami was determined to make EJ and Abigail suffer. Chad reconnected with his friends "T", Will Guy WilsonSonny Kiriakisand Abigail whose feelings for him have resurfaced once more. He tried to get Ben fired from his club by accusing him of stealing but Sonny disagrees with Chad.

Chad charmed Abigail and soon became interested in Ben's sister, Jordan Ridgeway. Chad and Jordan began dating, despite his interest towards her After she's gone, Chad went back into pursuing Abigail, but, his life got changed once more when he discover his adoptive sister Kristen was killed, and now knows he was the last child in the family.

In late April Chad confesses his undying love to Abigail, and reveals that he was just using Jordan to get revenge on her for what happened with EJ. Abigail's feelings and lust for Chad kept growing till in June 3,she cheats on Ben and sleeps with Chad in the DiMera garden and in his room.

However, Chad tells Abigail that he was just using her to get revenge on what happened with EJ, but the truth is he is still very much in love with her and wants to protect her from his father since he has a mysterious interest in the two of them getting together.

Abigail reveals to Chad that she's pregnant Soon after Abigail finds out she's pregnant and the father is revealed to be Ben after Ben's father, Clyde Westonthreatened the doctor facilitating the paternity test.

Chad is disowned by Stefano and, depressed, goes to a bar where he meets Serena Mason. Serena rejects his advances and Chad drunkenly goes after her. He wakes up the next morning without any memory of anything that happened after he left the bar and soon finds out he's the prime suspect after Serena is found strangled by the "Necktie Killer" in the park.

Abigail sticks by him even though she's still with Ben. Even after the murder of Paige Larson and when Dr.

Marlena Evans is attacked when she failed to help Chad remember what happened the nights Serena and Paige were murdered, she still stood by him believing he was innocent. He confronted him and they got into a fight that ended with Chad entering into a coma. Abigail still continues to believe in him, despite Ben claiming Chad attacked him.

Chad was taken into custody after he woke up and continues to be convicted of the murders. She soon finds pictures of Chad on his phone, many pictures of him and she realizes that he was stalking him. When Abigail suggested to give this to the cops to clear Chad's innocence, Ben admits to being the Necktie Killer and to framing Chad. Abigail tries to get him to get help from Marlena but he refuses. Then when Abigail tries to get away he goes barking mad and knocks her out and takes her to an abandoned cabin in Mammoth Falls and handcuffed her to a chair so she couldn't escape.

Abigail tried to escape a few times but failed. Abigail, who Ben is keeping hostage in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, is forced to call Chad and tell him that she's done with him, luckily Chad is able to sense that she is in danger and she is able to communicate with Chad that she's in trouble without Ben knowing. Ben kidnaps Abigail's newborn baby When Chad found out that there was something wrong he asked Rafe Hernandez to help find her and after some arguing Rafe agreed.

The police tracked Ben and Abigail's location and Chad went looking for them. A little while later, she started getting pains which she thought were cramps but they later turned out to be labor pains. Abigail gave birth to a premature healthy baby boy, thanks to a midwife named Wendy Taylor who was shot and killed by Ben after she helped in giving birth to Abigail's son and buried in the snow. Chad saves Abigail from the fire Soon after, Chad arrives at the cabin, but Ben knocks him out and ties him and Abigail to the bed, setting it on fire and leaving with Abigail's premature son.

Chad is eventually able to get himself and Abigail free and he carries her to safety. They are found by the police and Chad and Abigail were returned to Salem. She soon interrogated him and learned her son was at a motel. He was put in a jail cell with 24 hours suicide watch over him. Abigail reunited with her son Stricken over the disappearance of her son, Chad and Abigail's brother JJ Deveraux go back to Mammoth Falls, where Abigail was being held hostage and they soon find her son at a motel and then reunite them at the hospital in Salem.

He was named "Colin" by Ben but Abigail wanted her son to have his own name, a new start with no memory of Ben at all and so she renamed him Thomas Jack Deverauxafter her father Jack Deveraux and great-grandfather Tom Horton. Chad and Abigail with their son Afterwards, Chad and Abigail begin to plan their future together.

In December 11, Abigail revealed to Chad when she first started dating Ben she knew deep down in her heart that she couldn't really be in love with him for she never stopped loving Chad even to this day she still never stopped loving him vice versa with Chad, Chad tried to convince her that she was not at fault for Ben's actions.

Chad begins to comfort her and help her forget what happened with Ben. He is also forced to break up with Abigail. The revelation of his son helped Chad break the conditioning that was put into him. He and Abigail eventually get engaged. Chad was later shocked that his father has been murdered.

Andre claims that Hope killed Stefano, and Rafe helped her cover it up. She renames her son Thomas Jack Deveraux. Afterwards, Chad and Abigail start to plan a future together. Chad is later hypnotized by Marlena but is brainwashed by Andre, after he hijacks the session, to do the family bidding and get close to Belle after Sami stole the DiMera fortune.

He is also forced to break up with Abigail. After Thomas gets sick it's revealed that Chad is his father, not Ben. Chad was later shocked that his father has been murdered. Casting[ edit ] The casting and character was announced in late May Casey Deidrick had joined the cast as Chad. Despite very positive feedback, Brendan Coughlin was cast in the role of Tad.

Deidrick's audition caught the attention of casting director, Marnie Saitta and he was soon called back to audition for the newly created role of Chad.

At the time, Deidrick's screen time had declined dramatically and he had also booked several guest appearances in prime time. Deidrick's last air date was October 30, However, the actor also said he was open to return to the series for future guest stints. He is also very persuasive and he is not easy to break.

It is obvious that he has been through a lot. Deidrick hinted that Chad may suffer from abandonment issues. Chad has a different way of thinking which sets him apart from the average person, similar to rock stars Deidrick revealed in an interview.

Chad puts on a hard exterior and acts as if he does not care what others think of him. However, Chad has another layer to him; he is "very sensitive" and all about romance which makes him all the more intriguing.

He refuses to let Mia "whose been lying to him this whole time get in his way. When asked about a future love interest, Deidrick mentioned Gabriela Rodriguez who had recently been introduced to the canvas as Gabi Hernandez Gabriela Rodriguez but didn't believe a romantic pairing would work due to the age difference.

Woods was revealed to be his father.

abby and chad first meet

Chad immediately confronts Madeline and he is "completely devastated" when she admits to being a former prostitute. Chad is fed up with his mother's lies and just wants everything out on the table. The revelation really impacts him in an "inexplicable" way. Deidrick described Chad's reaction as "flabbergasted" and wants to get away from her.

Such tragedy could have the potential to screw him up.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Star Marci Miller on Abby’s Return: ‘Shock Is Definitely an Understatement’

Because Deidrick did not know the pain of losing a parent, let alone his own mother, the actor does his best to portray Chad during the scenes; Deidrick's first reaction as Chad is going into denial.

Chad clings on to the little bit of courage he has left hoping to work things out with Charles in the future.

According to Deidrick, the aftermath of his mother's death and his confrontation with Charles makes Chad a little "cuckoo crazy. According to Deidrick, during scenes with Kate, he intentionally emphasized Chad's vulnerabilities due to his mother's recent death; he is in desperate need of a mother figure at the moment, and Kate fills that void.

Chad does not show that side of his personality too often for fear of getting hurt. On the other hand, Chad's relationship with his new found father Stefano appears to be a bit more volatile. The nature of the relationship is first displayed in November when Chad confronts Stefano with a knife and demands blood for a DNA test. According to Deidrick, "[Chad] struggles to find the courage to be able to love [Stefano] who had a relationship with his mother and never knew he existed.

It is all he knows thanks to D. Woods who always pushes him away when things get difficult. However, Stefano is not easily turned away. However, he accredited Gary Tomlin with fighting for the character and believing in him as an actor. Deidrick said that it was Tomlin's idea to attach him to a main family, "So they made [Chad] a DiMera.

There was much speculation that Chandler Massey 's Will Horton would be the character who turned out to be gay. Deidrick admitted he would be open to the potential pairing if the writers were to go in that direction. However, the characters remain friends even after Will comes out about his sexuality. Their relationship is so unique, not only because of Deidrick and Smith's real-life friendship, but also because Daytime rarely showcased a "best friend" type relationship between gay and straight characters.

Deidrick stated that "Chad doesn't care" about Sonny's sexuality. According to Deidrick, Abigail is immediately turned off until she realizes that Chad is different from the rest of his family. Deidrick admitted that it was easy for him to work with Mansi due to the closeness in age.

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The duo shared an "instant attraction" but she distances herself because he is a DiMera knowing her mother Jennifer Horton Melissa Reeves does not approve. Mansi revealed that Stefano and Kate would also interfere in the romance forcing Chad and Abigail to "fight for their relationship," which makes them stronger. Jack's disapproval of Chad's heritage also drives a wedge between Abigail and her father as she continues to defend Chad.

Deidrick said that Chad and Melanie's kiss is accidental on the part of his character, but explains that "Melanie makes Chad feel good, kind of like a kid," as opposed to Abigail who is dealing with her chaotic family life. On other hand, Melanie wants to maintain a friendship with Chad to keep him from hurting Abigail any further. Though the feelings were very "unexpected," Chad agrees to Melanie's wishes. Deidrick said that their real life romance helped with the portrayal of their "real" romance; "For Melanie and Chad, the backstory was already there.

Burnett said Melanie brings out the funnier side of Chad.

abby and chad first meet

As a couple, Chad and Melanie are very "playful" and that is how they express their love for one another. In an interview with TV GuideBanus explained that Gabi who is on the rebound after breaking up with Will falls for Chad after he comes to her rescue; "she looks at [Chad] as her hero. Deidrick explained that Chad only takes on the modeling gig to make Gabi's life easier due to her split with Will.

However, when it comes to romance, Chad is focused on his budding romance with Melanie. Gabi has no idea about Melanie, so she thinks Chad's fair game. The dynamic eventually develops into a triangle which leads to Gabi becoming "very manipulative" and a bit of a "psycho" in her quest for Chad's affections.

Deidrick said that Chad "can't really turn away from family. Deidrick hinted that the triangle would turn "ugly. For the first time, Deidrick allows for the character to cry. He described Melanie and Chad's reunion as an "overpowering emotion for Chad.

In the meantime Chad does everything to cut Gabi out of his life; "he pretty much exiles her," Deidrick said.