90210 liam and naomi meet

"Meet The Parent" Recap

90210 liam and naomi meet

After last week's episode, last night's failed to live up to some Liam asks Naomi to avoid Jen at all costs and to not engage her, but Naomi sort of can't. The fourth season of the American television series was announced by The CW on April . Meanwhile, Naomi coerces Annie into pledging for a sorority with her. Adrianna reveals a secret which causes Liam to see her differently. Las Vegas so Naomi can surprise Austin for his birthday, where Naomi gets to meet. Meet the Wilson family, who has just moved to Beverly Hills from the . Naomi continues to pursue Liam and offers to be his math tutor in a.

At least something is good is coming out of this mess.

90210 liam and naomi meet

Teddy talks with a still furious Silver about how he has never brought a girl to meet his father, but that Silver is the first girl he wanted to break that streak with. Silver warms up and Teddy invites her to a cookout thrown by his dad. When she arrives at the party with Teddy, Silver feels the pressure from Spence, but keeps her cool. Silver then gets her moment of truth when Spence asks her about a movie he did and if she liked it.

Silver, after some hesitation, decides to be true with herself and tell Spence that she hated the movie. Luckily, for Silver, Spence hated it, too. You would think that Silver would be in the clear after that right? Spence makes sure that his son wants to go pro and when Teddy declares that he does, Spence says that the decision is simple, dump Silver.

Awww… Javier Adrianna gets another big break when Laurel picks her to do a duet with pop star Javier Diego Boneta and also wants Adrianna to write the song.

Enter Navid, who feels that Adrianna needs to shake her creative box by going out and exploring. He is man enough to tell Lila this and the two decide to part ways. It was revealed that his character will first become friends with Annie, but will also get romantically involved with another woman on the show.

Her character is said to be a brilliant and powerful music executivewho ends up forcing Dixon to make a tough decision by making him a great offer. When Hoffman's character isn't studying he's a laid back surfer, passionate about community service.

He won't make his appearance until a March episode. Pretty Little Liars cast Yani Gellman was cast in a multiple guest arc playing the bad boy Diego, the new potential love interest of Ivy Sullivan. American Idol season 10 runner-up, Haley Reinhartwill guest star as herself.

90210 liam and naomi meet

Reinhart will appear in the March 27 episode, performing at a showcase. She will also sing the first single off her debut album during her appearance. He will be absent from the final episodes of the season as his character heads on a music tour.

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Some will head to college, while some will begin their careers, while all trying to maintain their friendships and create new ones. It has also been revealed that only one series regular will be attending college full-time. It has also been revealed that Dixon won't be going to college, he will instead pursue a music career. Navid will also hire Silver to work for him, so they can spend more time together. He said, "We're not really sure what happens to him or if he returns, how he returns.

Her debut will begin with a visit at the end of episode 16, with baby Jacques in tow.

90210 liam and naomi meet

Jen coerces Naomi into helping her find a rich, eligible bachelor, but the guy ends up having eyes for Naomi, instead. Instead of judging each other's pasts, they see the good in one another and encourage change for the future. Harry and Debbie chaperone the after-prom party but leave early to lend their support to Adrianna at the hospital, along with Kelly.

Silver runs after Ethan, questioning what just happened, and the two kiss, Ethan then says that he does not want to be just friends, he wants to be more or nothing, then posing the question "Why are you out here talking to me? Instead of inside talking to your boyfriend? At the end, Annie is seen driving her car upset and looking at a bottle of alcohol.

90210 2.20 “Meet The Parent” Recap

When suddenly she crashes into someone, a car is then seen driving around the corner and Annie drives off. The car stops at the body and the identity is not revealed. Production[ edit ] Inter title used for the first season of the series. On March 13,it was announced that The CW was developing a contemporary spin-off of Beverly Hills,which first aired on Fox from October to May The project was put on the fast track by the network, and an order of the pilot was expected by the end of the month.

The only surviving element from the original series was the Creative Artists Agencythe talent agency which masterminded the spin-off idea.